• Mashup Culture Under Attack: Mixwit Goes The Way Of Muxtape

    The digital mixtape is dying on the Web. The RIAA is killing it just like it tries to kill anything that smacks of consumer-driven innovation. Digital mixtapes are nothing more than shared playlists. Sites that make it easy to create and share music in this fashion are shutting down left and right. Muxtape bowed to legal pressure from the RIAA earlier this year, and now Mixwit is shutting… Read More

  • 8tracks: The "Legal Muxtape" That Continues To Thrive

    8tracks, the “legal Muxtape” that allows users to build playlists consisting of eight tracks and share them with friends, has launched a number of new improvements designed to flesh out the site beyond basic music playback. Users will now be able to use a Twitter-like “Follow” system to receive alerts when their favorite DJs post a new mix, and will also be able to see… Read More

  • Tied Down By Legal Issues, Muxtape Returns In Name Only

    Today the story of Muxtape, the popular but shortlived music service that let users create virtual mixtapes, has finally come to light. In a lengthy blog post on the site’s homepage, founder Justin Ouellette details his legal wranglings with the four major record labels and the RIAA, which led him to shut the site down in August. Ouellette says that he is relaunching Muxtape as a… Read More

  • Favtape Relaunches As Muxtape On Steroids

    It has been just over a month since Muxtape, a popular music site that let users share the online equivalent of cassette mixtapes, was shut down by the RIAA for copyright infringement issues. Since then we’ve seen the site reborn in a few incarnations, including an Open Sourced version called OpenTape. Now Favtape, a basic music site that launched last July, is releasing an overhauled… Read More

  • Muxtape reborn, unofficially, as OpenTape

    The RIAA shut down Muxtape but that doesn’t mean its memory won’t linger on the hearts of those who must share their love of the Hold Steady with the world. Enter OpenTape, an open source package that essentially recreates the Muxtape experience on a personal level. You simply download the application, unpack it on your web server, and then upload songs. It took me about two minutes… Read More

  • Why the RIAA shut down Muxtape

    When Muxtape was shut down at the weekend, it was met with utterly predictable “Death to the RIAA!” cries. Hopefully we’re above such childishness here, and can spend a minute or two looking at the cartel’s claims, and then we can evaluate the RIAA’s position. This is what the RIAA told For the past several months, we have communicated our… Read More

  • Get mad: Muxtape knocked offline by the RIAA

    Hey, you! Wanna be outraged? Try to go to Oh! It’s down, and thanks to the RIAA, no less! (Pandora Radio’s days may be numbered, too, by the way.) That said, muxtupe was one of those sites I’d heard about but never used for more than 24 seconds. “Sharing playlists” really isn’t too high on my list of things I want to do. But yes, now some of us… Read More