• New Features at MusicStrands

    Musicstrands is a music discovery and search engine that I wrote about last December. They launched new features recently (including some today) that make it an excellent side service to whatever music player you use. Co-founder Gabriel Aldamiz-Echevarria took me through some of their new features last week. MusicStrands works best as a companion to iTunes (they have a PC plugin available on… Read More

  • MusicStrands Does Music Search, Too.

    If Google Music Search isn’t for you, check out MusicStrands, a young company that relaunched its site yesterday. The company is based in Corvallis, OR (where is that?) and Barcelona, Spain. MusicStrands had results for every band I threw at it. Lots of stats, and links to buy music from amazon and iTunes. And it has excellent web 2.0 features as well, including social networking… Read More