• MusicShake Brings Its Music Creation Tool For Novices To The Classroom

    MusicShake Brings Its Music Creation Tool For Novices To The Classroom

    At some point, you may have found yourself bored out of your mind by your current music selection, and resisting the urge to try one of the eleventy million music discovery services out there, you think, “By God, I’m going to do it myself.” You rush home, download a music suite, start furiously clicking and recording, only to be sooner or later confronted by the reality that… Read More

  • Time-Waster Alert: MusicShake Widgetizes Its Soundmixing Service

    Here’s a fun tool to keep you busy while procrastinating: MusicShake, a VC-funded TechCrunch40 alumni, has lauched a free widget you can use to create, mix and share songs using a simple, intuitive interface. If all goes well you should be able to see the widget in action below. It’s composed of a number of blocks that indicate what type of sound bite (instruments, vocals, etc.)… Read More

  • MusicShake Gets Jiggy With Revamped Website (And We Have Some Free Music For You)

    MusicShake, an LA-based startup that offers a music and sound effect mixing service for amateurs that goes by the same name, has completely redesigned its website and added a couple of features to make the service more social and fun to use on a regular basis. MusicShake offers a free desktop application (unfortunately, Windows only for now) that lets users create personalized… Read More

  • TechCrunch 40 Session 3: Community & Collaboration

    Session three as follows, including our live notes. Story Blender Story Blender is an online collaborative video production platform where people can work together to “blend” their content into a new multimedia show. StoryBlend’s online editing tool lets users create videos by “blending” images, sound, text, and video clips. When users have created new video… Read More