Lorde can now start posting on Google

Over the last couple of years, Google has been slowly (very slowly!) opening up the ability for celebrities, politicians, sports teams, museums and local businesses to post social media-like updates d

Rock stars party, MCs invest

Following the launch of Jay Z’s new VC vehicle, Arrive, earlier this month, we did a data pull on how music industry moguls spend their ducats. And hip hop artists are way ahead of rock stars when i

Shazam Takes On Apple Music Connect With New Social Features Aimed At Musicians And Their Fans

Music discovery platform Shazam is today rolling out a new feature in partnership with over two dozen artists that will allow Shazam users to see which songs their favorite musicians ar

Bandzoogle Acquires Onesheet, “The For Bands,” To Become The Go-To Website Builder For Artists

<a href="">Two years ago</a>, ArtistData founder and serial entrepre

Tascam DAP Is A Godsend For Musicians

Apparently the brand Tascam is “big” in the music community, as Vince just went off in our chat room on how great it is. Tascam designed this DAP, the MP-VT1, with musicians in mind, which