Creative platform EVEN raises $2.2M seed round to help artists sell directly to fans

Rodriguez said he was inspired to launch the company as a way to help, specifically Black and brown artists, retain equity in their creative work.

Spotify is shutting down Heardle, the Wordle-like music guessing game it bought last year

Spotify is closing down Heardle, the Wordle-inspired music guessing game it acquired last July for an undisclosed sum. Similar to Wordle, Heardle offers players six tries to guess a popular song &#821

Apple launches its new classical music streaming app for preorder

Apple is launching a new music streaming service focused on classical music. Based on its 2021 acquisition of Amsterdam-based streamer Primephonic, the new Apple Music Classical app will offer Apple M

Spotify revamps its app with TikTok-style discovery feeds, Smart Shuffle for playlists and more

At Spotify’s Stream On event today in LA, the company introduced a significant redesign of its app, which capitalizes on its investments in personalization technology while also adopting a simil

Audible set to launch its first audio-only singing competition series with judges Kelly Rowland & Sara Bareilles

Audible today announced that it would launch its first-ever singing competition series as an exclusive podcast featuring artists Sara Bareilles and Kelly Rowland as judges. “Breakthrough” will pre

TIDAL will cut ‘direct artist payout’ program to invest more in emerging artists

The Block-owned music streaming service TIDAL is shifting the way it pays artists after an experimental program failed to generate results. Unlike Spotify and other market leaders, which pay musicians

Spotify launches ‘DJ,’ a new feature offering personalized music with AI-powered commentary

Ahead of Spotify’s upcoming Stream On event, where the company is expected to announce a redesigned home feed and other updates, the company today launched a new AI feature called “DJ&#822

Rewind’s new app lets you ‘time travel’ through music from decades past

A new app called Rewind wants to make it easier for music fans to explore the top songs of decades past. Hoping to cater to consumer demand for nostalgic music experiences, Rewind allows users to &#82

Google created an AI that can generate music from text descriptions, but won’t release it

An impressive new AI system from Google can generate music in any genre given a text description. But the company, fearing the risks, has no immediate plans to release it. Called MusicLM, Google&#8217

Amazon’s Music Unlimited quietly gets a price hike in the US and UK

Starting on February 21, Amazon’s Music Unlimited streaming service will increase by $1/£1 in the U.S. and the U.K. The Amazon Music Unlimited Individual Plan is increasing from $9.99 (£9.99) to $

Smores is a music discovery app with a TikTok-like feed

Music streaming platforms all claim to use both artificial intelligence and manual curation to find new songs from emerging artists. But users often have to listen to many songs just to find some lika

Modernizing the live music industry with Mir Hwang from GigFinesse

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week Darrell and Becca are joined by GigFinesse co-founder and CEO Mir Hwang. Mir talks about how his struggles to book music

Spotify’s new time capsule feature will let you revisit your musical taste a year from now

Spotify is introducing a new in-app experience called “Playlist in a Bottle” that is designed to let you capture your current music tastes and revisit them one year later. The streaming se

Try ‘Riffusion,’ an AI model that composes music by visualizing it

AI-generated music is already an innovative enough concept, but Riffusion takes it to another level with a clever, weird approach that produces weird and compelling music using not audio but images of

Spotify Wrapped 2022 arrives with new features like your ‘Listening Personality,’ 40K+ Artist Messages

Spotify Wrapped 2022 has officially arrived. Though other music services, including Apple Music and YouTube Music, now put together their own year-end retrospectives, Spotify’s personalized and

Instafest app lets you create your own festival lineup from Spotify

Update December 1, 11:15 AM IST: The Instafest site has started testing support for festival poster generation through Apple Music. If your favorite music festival’s lineup didn’t live up

YouTube Shorts can now include 60 seconds of music or sounds, up from 15 seconds before

YouTube today is addressing one of creators’ chief complaints with filming videos for its TikTok competitor, YouTube Shorts: to date, the music and sounds added to videos could only be 15 second

Zebra Labs raises $5M to help Chinese celebrities enter the metaverse

In June, Chinese pop-punk singer Wowkie Zhang released a music video where he encounters a virtual character in a hyper-colored, animated world that is reminiscent of Pixar films. The avatar, sporting

Hyph set to launch a music creation app with an emphasis on remixing

Music startup HYPH announced an upcoming mobile app, which aims to be a music creation and remixing tool for everyone to use. With the creator economy estimated to be worth $100 billion, HYPH could b

Artiphon releases Orba 2, to make music-making even more accessible

The original Orba was a curious little baseball-sized device that invited people who couldn’t play a triangle if they tried to somehow create beats, bops and bass lines. The success of the origi
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