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eMusic’s new owners believe they can convince users to start buying songs again

Take a moment to consider all that has transpired in your life and the world since the last time you logged into eMusic. For me, it’s been roughly five years, I think, and among a few other slightly

Pulselocker, A Streaming And Download Service For DJs, Launches To The Web

<a target="_blank" href="">Pulselocker</a>, a music subscription service and storage locker targeting electronic music fans and DJs, has launched its service to the web, followi

Public Enemy Just Raised $75k On Sellaband

<img src="" />Almost a year ago <a href="">Sellaband</a>, the number one crowd-funding website for musici

Test driving Amazon's MP3 store

So now that Warner Music is on Amazon, I thought it might be a good idea to give their download service a whirl. I’m a Mac man, so these screenshots are all OS X. However, the process should be

MusicGiants: WMA Lossless Music, DRM-Free

MusicGiants isn’t the most well-known online music download service out there, but they’ve been pumping out WMA Lossless files since 2005. Until a couple weeks ago, all of the super hi-res

Best Buy Partnering with Real, SanDisk for Music Store

. And they’re doing it with their new best friends, SanDisk and Real Networks. Real and SanDisk already have a partnership aimed at Apple in the form of the Sansa e200 DAP and Real’s Rhaps

Sony-Ericsson Launches Music Store

<img src=" label out of Europe. Because it only works on unlocked phones, expect M-Buzz to be for our friends across the pond first, with a