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RIP iPod, you walked so smartphones could run

A long, long time ago, before the iPod, MP3 players were badly designed devices with insufficient storage. The market was ripe for a change, and Steve Jobs, who had returned to Apple four years prior,

Media Keg: Kenwood Japan Announces New Music Player

<img src="" /> Kenwood is making portable music players, too. The company <a href="

Media Keg: Kenwood Updates Its Portable Music Player

<img src="" /> <a href="">Kenwood</a> has been selling portable music players in

End Of An Era: Sony Stops Manufacturing Cassette Walkmans

<img src="" /> Truth be told, I wasn't aware Sony was still producing cassette Walkmans. But the company today announced it will stop m

Video: Sony's DVD-Player/Walkman Dock Combo With 9-Inch LCD

<img src="" /> Sony's CMT-L7D is quite an unusual device: it's a Walkman Dock, a CD/DVD player, an FM/AM radio, and a 9-inch

Video: iriver's Portable Media Player "S100 Panorama"

<img src="" /> After launching the S100 Panorama in South Korea <a href="

Apple Japan Now Ready To Replace Overheating 1st Gen iPod nanos

<img src="" /> <a href="

Sony Japan's Toy Story 3-themed Walkman S

<img src="" /> We think Toy Story 3 is <a href="">great</a>,

Video: Sony announces Walkman W series (with special Metal Gear Solid version)

<img src="" /> Sony in Japan <a href=""

Worlds Collide: USB flash drive is also an MP3 player

<img src="" alt="Brando" />Behold a USB flash drive that also doubles as a simple MP3 player. You sup