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  • Astell & Kern amps up the portability of its hi-res music players with the AK70

    Astell & Kern amps up the portability of its hi-res music players with the AK70

    It feels good to walk around with the AK70 in my pocket. It’s kind of like meeting an old friend for drinks. Someone you haven’t talked to or even really thought about for a while, but whose absence left a hole roughly the size of a deck of cards in your heart — or pants pocket. I was dragging my heels when it came to giving up my music player. It wasn’t until the… Read More

  • Hello Kitty MP3 player sparkles with Swarovski crystals

    Hello Kitty, dream cartoon cat of millions of teenage girls and women around the world, gets another portable music player. We had a device fully covered with Swarovski cystals in October last year. We had another one, all in black, in December. And today, Japan-based Mouse Computer, in cooperation with iriver Japan, announced [JP] a player that’s kind of the combination of the two… Read More

  • eneloop music booster: Sanyo's battery charger for music devices

    Even though it’s now a Panasonic subsidiary, Sanyo lives on as its own brand. And one of the major reasons Panasonic bought the company is its “green” image, mainly achieved through selling products under the “eneloop” sub-brand. The latest of these products, the so-called eneloop music booster, was announced today. It’s a rechargeable DC 9V battery unit… Read More

  • Hello Kitty Music Player Premium

    The Hello Kitty Music Player Crystal, made in cooperation with luxury brand Swarovski, I blogged about in October drew the attention of quite a few (mostly female) CrunchGear readers. One of the problems was the price: $150 for a fairly basic music player isn’t cheap. But now Japan-based Mouse Computer, in cooperation with iriver Japan, is offering a similar device. And their so-called… Read More

  • Japan gets ultra-cute Hello Kitty music player with sparkling Swarovski crystals

    Hello Kitty is 35 years old now, and she still continues to be the dream cartoon cat of millions of teenage girls. If you’re one of these people and have a penchant for gadgets on top of that, this new and strictly limited music player might be the right thing for you. The so-called Hello Kitty Music Player Crystal [JP] is the result of a cooperation between iriver Japan, Hello Kitty… Read More

  • Sony Japan to roll out cordless walkman for workouts (video)

    In case you’re tired of your earphones constantly falling out while you jog or work out, Sony’s new music player, the W Series Walkman [JP], might be the right device for you. It’s light (35g), cordless and curls around your neck and over the ears. Read More

  • Kana micro: New, cute and inexpensive DAPs from Greenhouse

    Greenhouse in Japan will start selling the Kana Micro, nothing-special-but-cute mini DAPs [JP] from the beginning of next month (ask this shop if they offer the players anytime soon for Non-Japanese people). Read More

  • Thanko finally releases a non-crappy gadget, the "video glass media player"

    Wonders never cease: Thanko, our favorite Japanese crap vendor, now actually offers something useful for a change. Their so-called “video glass media player”, essentially sun glasses that can be used to watch movies, view pictures and listen to music, have been on sale since last week. Read More