music hackday

  • Nerds Ditch Grammys for New York's First Music Hackday

    With more references to Justin Bieber than a Valentine’s day party at an all-girls Canadian middle school, Music Hackday rolled into New York City this past weekend. Event organizers John Britton and Dave Haynes noted this had been the biggest Music Hack Day yet, with 72 demos. Hundreds of hackers showed up and a waiting list of hopefuls swelled to 300. Hacks included invisible… Read More

  • The music industry should learn from #MusicHackday

    Hack Days are becoming increasingly popular, fostering innovation in technology and helping companies reach out to and engage with users. In this guest post, Dave Haynes (@Haynes_Dave), head of SoundCloud in the UK and founder of Music Hackday, argues that hack days also show a way forward for the wider music industry. Inside the Radialsystem V in Berlin, one of the city’s “new… Read More