Murdoch Finally Invites The Google Spiders To Search London Times

Back in 2009, Rupert Murdoch closed the London Times down with a paywall, preventing even Google from perusing the stories contained within. Approximately 200,000 subscribers later (or 130,751 if you'

Murdoch’s Wife’s Twitter Account, @Wendi_Deng, Was Fake

Following media mogul <a href="">Rupert Murdoch</a>'s arrival on Twitter this week, wife Wendi Deng (<a href="!/Wendi_Deng">@wendi_deng</a>) showe

LulzSec Hacks Murdoch-Owned ‘The Sun,’ Redirects Homepage To @LulzSec Twitter Account

Looks like hacker group LulzSec is back in action, this time <a href="!/LulzSec/status/93071284837154816">redirecting</a> the <a href="">homepa