Afero raises $20.3 million to secure connected devices, whether WiFi is working or not

A Los Altos startup called Afero raised $20.3 million in a new round of venture funding to secure connected devices, from toys and arcade games to medical equipment. The company’s technology wor

Video: Murata Shows Robotic Walking Aid / Shopping Cart

Japan-based <a href="">Murata</a> caused quite a splash in the tech world with their awesome <a href="

Video: This Bendable Remote Control Has No Buttons, Doesn’t Require Batteries

We've shown you the “Leaf Grip Remote Controller” <a href="">a few weeks a

Air Voltage: Maxell Japan Announces Wireless Charger For iPad 2

<a href="">Hitachi Maxell</a>, in cooperation with <a href="">Murata</a>, has <a href="">announced</a> [

Murata’s Flexible Remote Lets You Control Your TV With Bending And Twisting Motions

Japanese tech company Murata, in cooperation with Kansai University and Mitsui Chemicals, has developed a remote control that doesn't require users to push buttons. Instead, TVs or other electric appl

Murata Develops Wireless iPad Charger

<img src="" /> Japanese electronics company <a href="">Murata</a> has developed a wireless charg

Video: Mini Humanoid "Little Seiko" Navigating an S-shaped Balance Beam

<img src="" /> Yesterday, we showed you "Little Seiko", a pretty awesome unicycling mini humanoid developed by Japan-based <a href="ht

Murata's Awesome Unicycle Robots Get A 2010 Upgrade

<img src="" /> Japan-based electronics company <a href="">Murata</a> caused a splash two years ago with

Murata develops world's first waterproof, ultra-thin piezoelectric speakers

<img src="" /> Kyoto-based Murata has developed <a href="">the world's fi

CEATEC 2008: Murata Girl unicycle robot in action (video)

The CEATEC 2008 tech/electronics exhibition started today in Chiba (near Tokyo) and as to be expected, the Murata Girl, aka creepy kindergarten robot Little Seiko, turned out to be the biggest crowd p

Little Seiko: Japanese company develops creepy kindergarten girl robot Tokyo-based electronics company Murata yesterday unveiled a small humanoid robot [JP] that can unicycle forward and backward and is also able to stop without falling ov