multiple monitors

  • Rock multiple monitors via the ViBook USB Adapter

    Having a multi-monitor workstation increases productivity dramatically and thanks to the ViBook USB, it’s now easier than ever. The $130 PC/Mac dongle simply plugs into a USB port and outputs up to 1680×1050 or 1600×1200 over VGA or DVI. This could be a great, but somewhat costly, solution for notebooks or towers alike. A heck of a lot easier than installing a new… Read More

  • Samsung 940UX USB-expandable monitor now available

    That title looks weird, doesn’t it? I’m basically trying to say that the Samsung 940UX is now available and that it’s a 19-inch flat panel monitor that can hook up to five other 940UX monitors via USB. The first monitor hooks into a standard VGA or DVI port and then you can daisy chain the others into each one’s built-in USB connection. Were you to hook up six of these… Read More