• Apple Pledges To Make iOS Emojis More Racially Diverse

    Apple Pledges To Make iOS Emojis More Racially Diverse

    Apple has vowed to update its emojis after Miley Cyrus and actor Tahj Mowry complained about the cartoon emoticons’ lack of diversity. MTV Act blogger Joey Parker emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook about the issue and got this response from Katie Cotton, Apple’s vice president of worldwide corporate communications. Read More

  • Artists.MTV, Where Musicians Claim Their MTV Profiles, Enters Public Beta

    Artists.MTV, Where Musicians Claim Their MTV Profiles, Enters Public Beta

    MTV is opening its new Artists.MTV website in public beta today. The site was first announced at South by Southwest as a “pro-artist initiative” that allows musicians to “take control of their MTV presence.” It’s basically a collection of 1.8 million profile pages, which MTV wants to turn into the center of a musician’s presence, both on MTV and on the Web. Read More

  • MTV Europe Mobile Moves Into Social TV With Digital Agency AKQA

    MTV Europe Mobile Moves Into Social TV With Digital Agency AKQA

    Viacom’s MTV is making one more move into trying to capture the youth market on the platform where it’s increasingly spending most of its time: the company, in partnership with digital agency AKQA, has launched “Under The Thumb,” a new social TV app. MTV and Viacom are calling this a “world first” in that it will let users watch MTV content on the mobile… Read More

  • Apprupt, the affiliate network for mobile apps, bags MTV as a partner

    Apprupt, the affiliate network for mobile apps, has today announced that its bagged MTV Networks as a publisher partner. Four of MTV’s German mobile websites – MTV Music, VIVA, the children’s and family station Nickelodeon, as well as GameOne – will now offer iPhone users relevant and value-added apps for download via apprupt’s affiliate network. Headquartered… Read More

  • You'll Be Able To Watch President Obama's Town Hall Without Leaving

    As you may be aware, President Obama is holding a Town Hall event today with the help of TV networks MTV, BET, and CMT. One key to the event, which takes place at 1 PM PST, are tweets. The President will be fielding questions from Twitter when people use the appropriate hashtags such as “#askjobs” or “#askeducation”. Obviously, you’ll be able to watch this on TV… Read More

  • The MTV VMA Twitter Tracker Shows 1.5 Million Tweets And Counting

    If you are watching the MTV Video Music Awards right now, chances are that either you or someone you know is also Tweeting about it. Some trending topics on Twitter right now are “lip synching” (Oh, Bieber) and “Drake better win”. But if you want to supplement your watching during commercials, open your laptop and point it to the MTV VMA Twitter Tracker. It is a… Read More

  • Attack Of The Tweets: MTV's Movie Awards Twitter Visualization Graph

    I was hit with a reminder this Sunday morning that I am indeed no longer a 15-year-old teenager. But if you are a Bieber-Swift-Pattinson-Stewart-OMGVampires-loving tween/teen, then boy does MTV have a Twitter visualization map for you. In honor of this evening’s MTV Movie Awards, the digital team at MTV have rolled out a highly interactive (almost too interactive) Twitter live-graph… Read More

  • Kyte Streams 50 Million Videos A Month. Rolls Out iPhone Apps For MTV, NBA, And Others.

    In an age when anyone with a video-capable cell phone can have their own TV channel on the Web, it is still the celebrities and rock stars who are getting all the views (just as on Twitter they get the most followers). Kyte CEO Daniel Graf knows this fact all too well. Of the 215,000 video channels on Kyte, nearly all are created by consumers, but only about 1,000 account for more than 90… Read More

  • MTV Turns To Twitter And Facebook To Power New Flagship Show

    In a bid to retain its role as a pop culture staple, MTV has announced plans to a launch a show that taps into the power of social media, tightly integrating with Facebook and Twitter to maximize fan interaction. The show will be hosted by British celebrity and model Alexa Chun and begin airing this summer, with plans to move it to the network’s coveted after-school timeslot depending… Read More

  • Netflix inks deal with Viacom to stream South Park, other shows

    Today, Viacom and Netflix announced a new agreement that will bring hit shows from various Viacom networks, like, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon to your Xbox, laptop, etc. Yes, that means you can stream all 139 episodes from the first nine seasons of South Park right now. And for the kids – there’s a slew of Nickelodeon programming available so you don’t have to tend to your… Read More

  • MTV Pulls The Plug On Embeddable Videos [Update]

    When NBC Universal and News Corporation-backed Hulu launched in Fall 2007, it was a signal that old television media might actually grasp the distributive power of the internet. Not only were great programs made available for free as streaming videos, users could grab and embed them anywhere online – in their entirety or just as clips. So it’s a bit of a shame to see another… Read More

  • ‘The Hills’ breaks down the Large Hadron Collider

    Sigh… Above, please reference what girls between the ages of 10 and 30 think is cool. Also, as it happens, the same reason MTV will be blocked from every TV in the Aamoth household if I ever have a daughter. Transcription to follow for those of you who can’t access YouTube at work… Read More

  • MTV bleeps out file-sharing sites? Probably Weird Al Yankovic |MTV Music I can’t figure this out. This video, from MTV’s video site, has been bleeped by MTV in an effort to hide file sharing system names in Weird Al Yankovic “Don’t Download This Song.” The original lyrics: Once in a while maybe you will feel the urge
    To break… Read More

  • MTV posts music videos: Dogs and cats, living together Bob Dylan |MTV Music In what must be one of the signs of the apocalypse, MTV has posted hundreds – dare I say thousands – of music videos for your perusal. It’s all there – go ahead and dig through. I found Scarlett Johansson cavorting to the the sad-eyed crooning of Bob Dylan along with a video that… Read More

  • AC/DC gets their own version of Rock Band, sold exclusively at Wal*Mart [Update]

    This is getting out of hand. MTV is set to announce AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack today, says the NYT. The game’s launch in November will help boost awareness for the band’s new album “Black Ice.” Each Wal*Mart store will have a special section dedicated to the game, album and other memorabilia. MTV and Wal*Mart are apparently looking to set up pop-up stores in… Read More

  • How to: Host the most kickass Rock Band 2 party

    It’s been five days since the release of RB2 and the weekend is almost here. Any plans? No? How about you, yes you, host the most kickass rock-n-roll RB2 party this weekend? We will, with the help of Wired, provide you with a handful of options to unleash the maximum potential of your newly purchased RB2 software. Read More

  • How To: Unlock all tracks in Rock Band 2

    Remember the unlock code from the first one? Yeah, it’s the same thing – Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue. Read More

  • MTV Wants To Sell Ads On Like-Minded Sites

    It is not enough to be a destination site anymore. Everyone now wants to become an ad network. MTV Networks on Monday announced that it has expanded its vertical ad network strategy by building ad networks around the service’s core properties. Each vertical ad network will be called a “Tribe.” Much like In contrast to what LinkedIn is trying to do with its new ad… Read More

  • Finally, a reality show about ‘Rock Band 2’

    This is kind of along the lines of the Onion’s World of World of Warcraft spoof, except that it appears to be real. According to a Craigslist post in the LA area, MTV is apparently looking for people to star in a reality show about Rock Band 2. So basically, a reality show about non-musicians with toy instruments pretending to be musicians. And with that, reality TV has officially hit… Read More

  • MTV backing new digital-only show about Memphis music scene

    In digital content news, MTV New Media has teamed up with “Hustle & Flow” director Craig Brewer for real-life music drama about the Memphis music scene. Called $5 Cover, the 15 webisode show will feature working Memphis musicians, their music and the drama of their lives. $5 Cover will be available online at, and on mobile devices. Along with… Read More