That new ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ series is hitting Netflix

That Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot you backed last year – you remember the one, right? Jonah Ray, Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt all signed on and you threw your screen like an angry Fry from F

Joel And His Robot Friends Will Rocket Back To TV With A Kickstarted MST3K

In what will go down as the best example of a crowdfunded media project ever in the entire known universe forever, the team that put together the original Mystery Science Theatre 3000 are about to cra

CinematicTitanic = MST3K++

Joel Hodgson and the rest of the MST3K crew are back and it looks like they’re better than ever. They’ve started a new movie-make-funning-of troupe called CinematicTitanic and they’r