• Mobile App Directory Mplayit Adds Recommendations From App Gurus

    Facebook-based mobile app directory Mplayit is launching a new way to discover mobile apps today: App Gurus. The new feature draws recommendations from experts in the mobile space. The experts, which include blogs and technology writers, will rate and comment on apps in Mplayit’s catalogs. Last year, Mplayit launched its Facebook app that allows users to discover, share and recommend… Read More

  • App Directory Mplayit: Mobile Gaming Lags On Android

    One of the advantages of having a plethora of app directories for iPhone and Android devices, is the wealth of additional data that has emerged regarding users buying and downloading habits. Facebook-based app directory mPlayit has a few compelling stats out today that show that games are four times as popular among iPhone users than among the Android user base. BlackBerry users are twice… Read More

  • Mplayit Releases Most Shared Mobile Apps On Facebook Application

    As more and more social app directories launch, data concerning the most shared and recommended mobile apps is beginning to emerge. We recently wrote about Chorus, an iPhone app that helps you discover other apps, which revealed the most recommended apps from their community. Today, Mplayit, a recently launched Facebook app that allows users to discover, share and recommend a variety of… Read More

  • Mplayit Launches Android App Directory On Facebook

    There are a plethora of iPhone app directories and platforms that try to make sense of the 100,000 apps in the App Store ecosystem. We’ve recently written about Appolicious, Chorus, and others that have customized app directory and recommendations services. Now, directories are beginning to incorporate Android app directories into their platforms. Mplayit, which recently launched a… Read More

  • Mplayit Launches Mobile App Discovery Directory On Facebook

    There are a host of directories of iPhone apps on the web as well as applications that make personalized recommendations of apps, such as Chorus, that might catch your fancy. Mplayit enters this space hoping to combine these two ambitions into one, comprehensive Facebook app. Mplayit’s directory of iPhone and mobile apps includes all 100,000 plus iPhone apps and a smattering of other… Read More