VLC 1.0 released!~!1

<img src="" />Attention, sons of Adam! VLC 1.0 has been released!

Mplayer+: iriver's Mickey Mouse MP3 player gets an upgrade

<img src="" /> <a href="">iriver's Mplayer, a super-cute porta

Round-up: Top 5 of the cutest Japanese gadgets of the last 2 weeks

Japan released a number of super-cute gadgets and electronic devices in the last days. Here are the top five. Top 5: Fragrance case for earphones Marubeni Infotech has announced the “Fragrance C

iRiver Mplayer: The Mickey Mouse DAP

Ta-da! The iRiver Mplayer, the DAP in the shape of America’s most beloved Disney mouse. Nothing out of the ordinary as far as specs go—1GB of storage, MP3, WMA, etc.—but seeing as th