• WidgetBucks Announces Deals with Marchex

    WidgetBucks has announced the expansion of its ad widget network through an agreement with Marchex. The deal touches on key growth areas for WidgetBucks: premium CPM display advertising to its publisher base and expanding distribution of CPC product ad widgets. The deal with Marchex sees WidgetBucks powering local, debt/ finance, and pay-per-call advertising across Marchex’s local… Read More

  • Twenga Gets €2.6 Million For Product Search

    3i has invested €2.6 million in shopping search engine Twenga. Similar to other shopping search startups, Twenga is a meta search engine for products from online merchants. Twenga’s search results include user reviews and images on top of the usual price comparisons. There are a ton of shopping product search engines out there right now. It’s a crowded space and to… Read More

  • A Widget That Actually Makes Money

    The only proven way to make money off of widgets is by turning them into ads. There’s Google’s Gadget Ads (AdSense in a widget, basically), AuctionAds (one of our sponsors), boobox, and even ThisNext (which just hired IAC exec Scott Murrow as president, BTW). Now Seattle-based Mpire has launched a widget ad network called WidgetBucks (or, rather, relaunched an earlier… Read More

  • Mpire Launches Widgets for eBay and Amazon Affiliates

    Mpire launches a new widget service today with over 75 different widgets aimed directly at eBay and Amazon affiliates. It’s a crowded space. On Sunday Michael Arrington described it well with a post aptly titled “The Attack of the Advertising Widgets“. A natural first reaction is what? more widgets! I caught up with Mpire CEO Matt Hulett and Co-Founder Dave Cotter earlier in… Read More

  • Mpire Upgrades and Launches Shopwave Shopping Visualization

    When shopping meta-search engine Mpire launched their Firefox shopping plugin last year we felt it was one of the best shopping tools to come out in a while. Today, Mpire is offering the plugin for IE7, upgraded their site and launched the newly established Mpire Lab’s first product, a visual shopping site called Shopwave. Mpire is also working with Electric Sheep and Linden Lab to… Read More

  • Mpire to Unveil Power-Shopping Plug-In

    We’ve been getting “just in time for the holidays” pitches for coverage from quite a few shopping sites lately but Seattle based number crunchers Mpire have come out with one of the best new shopping products I’ve seen yet. The company’s site launched in June of this year. It compares prices on items for sale at a list of online retailers and tracks eBay… Read More