• Founders Of, mSpot On Amazon's Music Locker: All Eyes On The Labels

    Founders Of, mSpot On Amazon's Music Locker: All Eyes On The Labels

    I penned a blog post earlier today covering the potential impact that Amazon’s new digital music locker will have on startups that have been letting people upload their music to the cloud for years (but charge more for it than Amazon does unless they need to store literally tens of thousands of songs). I got a response from the founders and head honchos of two of those startups in the… Read More

  • Will Amazon Drive Music Lockers Like MP3Tunes And mSpot Beyond Oblivion?

    Will Amazon Drive Music Lockers Like MP3Tunes And mSpot Beyond Oblivion?

    Make no mistake about it: the digital music space will be turned upside down this year, courtesy of giants like Apple, Google, HP, Sony and now, Amazon. Earlier today, the latter announced that it was entering the world of digital music locker services with a bang, introducing services dubbed Cloud Drive and Cloud Player that basically let you store your digital music – and more –… Read More

  • The MP3Tunes Alternative To Paid Streaming Music: "Buy Anywhere, Listen Everywhere"

    We’ve been following MP3Tunes, an online music locker, since it launched in late 2005. It’s come a long way since then. Today the service has 500,000 users, and has released a variety of new products to help those users get access to their music from almost any Internet connected device. The core of the service is a music locker. It finds music on your hard drive and then backs it… Read More

  • Play And Share Your Music Collection In The Cloud With tunesBag

    Vienna, Austria-based tunesBag is opening up the public beta version of its social music service today, after allowing access by invitation only for the past year or so. The launch has been a long time coming, considering the fact that the startup has already produced a fully functional web client, and Adobe-AIR powered desktop client and applications for iPhone, Facebook and Boxee since… Read More

  • MP3tunes Founder Fights Court Decision That Could Help Music Labels Bankrupt Him

    Two years ago, a bunch of labels affiliated to music giant EMI Group sued both MP3tunes and its infamous founder Michael Robertson – former founder and CEO of and currently running VoIP startup Gizmo5 – over alleged copyright infringement. A year ago, a judge did the sensible thing and tossed out the part of the case that could personally bankrupt the man. Fast forward to… Read More

  • Spotify, Napster and The Quest For Premium Music Dollars

    This guest post on the struggles of online music services to reach profitability is written by Michael Robertson, the founder of music sites and MP3Tunes, as well as a number of non-music related startups like Gizmo and Dealipedia. As one of the first entrepreneurs to battle the music labels over an online service, he has a unique perspective on the scene. A new music service… Read More

  • Oh Boy, BlueTunes, This Looks Like Trouble To Me

    I’m listening to Best Of David Bowie as I type this. No, I’m not streaming it for free on MySpace Music. Instead, I’ve uploaded the album, which I own, to new music site called BlueTunes. The new service, which launches today, is trying to avoid paying streaming music fees to labels because users are uploading and then playing their own music. If this sounds familiar… Read More

  • being sued by EMI, asks users for help

    Seems nobody wants to let Michael Robertson help people back up their music online. First it was which, as you may or may not remember, was a very cool service where you placed one of your CDs in your computer’s CD-ROM drive, the software scanned the disc, and a few seconds later all the tracks from that disc were available for you to stream from any… Read More