• Bang & Olufsen's BeoSound 5: looks daft, but hey

    First, I have this to say about it: if this device works as well as its website, I hope it’s banished to the innermost receses of the earth. Please, web designers: no more autoplaying music and pointless intro videos that show nothing. And especially no music that continues to start up 10 seconds after you stop it, again and again and again. Now, on to the product. It’s an mp3… Read More

  • Dell MP3 player plans getting canned? Hopefully?

    The world has too many MP3 players – what? it does – and manufacturers need to move on rather than developing an “iPod killer” which is what Dell might be doing. According to the original rumor mill, Wall Street Journal, the MP3 player built around the entertainment software Zing is being shelved indefinitely. Maybe Dell suits came to their senses, threw in the… Read More

  • MySpace CEO: Yeah, we'd like to make our own portable media player one day

    Did you hear the news? MySpace is thinking about creating its own portable media player! Reuters seems to think that such a player would be in competition with the iPod, which we all know is a lie: there’s the iPod WAY UP HERE, then everything else WAY DOWN THERE. If anything, the MySpace player would be in competition with Zune and Sansa—you know, the “other”… Read More

  • Wal-Mart's revamped online music store plays nicely with Mac, Linux

    Amazon MP3 and iTunes—the only two online music stores that really matter—have another competitor to worry about now that Wal-Mart has re-launched its own music store. The “new and improved” (joke: how can something be both “new” and “improved”?) store sells DRM-free MP3s, most of which are encoded at 256kbps; some are only 192 kbps. Individual… Read More

  • Opinion: The SanDisk SlotMusic player is a good idea

    My good friend Peter Ha isn’t sold on the Sandisk SlotMusic hoopla (see his post here). I think it’ll work, though. You have to approach it from the mindset of the casual consumer for it to make sense. Think of the player like a Walkman or a Discman and MicroSD cards as blank tapes or CDs. Then remember that entire albums used to be sold on tapes and CDs and that for many… Read More

  • Twinned MP3 player: Now you and that special someone can share the same playlist

    My word, actual innovation coming for a digital audio player. It’s certainly been a while. It’s called the Twinned MP3 player, and its gimmick is that it’s actually two separate players joined at the hips, so to speak. Each half of the player is a fully functional player; both half contains the same playlist of music, a playlist that’s controlled by an online server. Read More

  • Alert: Sansa Fuze now plays FLAC

    Flickr’d You know what the $100 Sansa Fuze does that the $150 iPod nano doesn’t? It plays FLAC and OGG, now that SanDisk has released updated firmware for the little player. (Apple Lossless is cool and all, but trying finding—wink-wink—albums encoded with it online.) The updated firmware, version 1.01.05 (yeesh, user-friendly numbering convention right there), also… Read More

  • iTunes 8.0.1 released: Bug fixes, ahoy

    Just a quick note regarding iTunes. Apple has updated it to version 8.0.1, and this release fixes a few quirks that no doubt annoyed some of you. The bug that caused iTunes to copy over HD versions of a TV show with an SD version is now squashed. Genius also sees some attention: when creating a Genius playlist, the song you’re basing the playlist on no longer stops playing. Just… Read More

  • Now Sony Ericsson has a mobile music store: Play Now Plus

    Get ready for yet another mobile music store, this time from Sony Ericsson. Yup, that company’s still around. SE will launch Play Now Plus in “a few weeks” in Sweden. The music service will initially be available to Telenor subscribers, a wireless carrier there. The service will cost 99 Swedish crowns (about $15) a month for unlimited downloads. If all of this sounds… Read More

  • Confirmed: Amazon MP3 on the T-Mobile G1: 89 cents per song

    That mobile Amazon music store rumor? Totally true. Yeah, so Amazon just confirmed the existence of a mobile music store for Android-based cellphones. It’s essentially a pint sized version of Amazon MP3, and it comes pre-loaded on the G1. You’ll have 6 million DRM-free songs to choose from, from all four of the big record labels. The catch? You can only download MP3s over a… Read More

  • A rumor: Amazon to have mobile music, movie store for Android

    Another day, another movie and music store. This time, though, it’s for Android-based phones; today is Android Day, in case you forgot. Right, so it looks like Amazon has struck a deal with Google to launch a mobile version of its online music and movie store for Android-based cellphones. That’s the hot rumor right now, at least. It seems—get this—that a G1 made the… Read More

  • SanDisk's slotMusic: microSD cards preloaded with music

    SanDisk and the RIAA sure do hope y’all aren’t “finished” with physical media-based music playback. If you are, then this whole slotMusic venture will end up being a waste of everyone’s time. SlotMusic, actually written slotMusic, is the name of Sandisk’s new line of music-filled microSD cards. The thinking behind slotMusic is that consumers, what with… Read More

  • Memory foam neck pillow with built-in speakers

    It’s all about convergence. It’s all…about…convergence. Howsabout a sweet memory foam neck pillow with built-in speakers? Plug in your portable audio player or, hell, plug it right into your computer to hear that sweet Eudora jingle every time you get a new e-mail. Eudora’s still cool, right? Anyhoo, I have no idea how long this wonderful product has been in existence but… Read More

  • Mobiola xPlayer adds Internet radio support for BlackBerry

    It’s not just iPhone users who can listen to the radio while toolin’ about their fine city. A just-released (well, re-released, kinda) application for the BlackBerry called the Mobiola xPlayer lets you listen to Internet radio (that includes live news and the like) and MP3s (and AACs and WMAs, etc.) Listening to MP3s and the like won’t cost you anything, but to hear… Read More

  • With the closing of Yahoo's music download store, old DRM'd songs now useless

    Oh, Yahoo. Why do you make it so hard to like you? Take this story. Yahoo is shutting down its music download store at the end of September, including the DRM validation servers. Without DRM validation servers, people who purchased tracks outright won’t be able to play them. In other words, people will be left with useless files on their hard drives. Nice. To be fair, it’s not… Read More

  • Sweet Honey: The MP3 player concept with built-in aroma therapy

    Can you tell it’s summertime yet? This delightful little concept that’ll never actually be manufactured, called Sweet Honey, combines aroma therapy with lossy MP3s, which just has to be a match made in Heaven. The little bulb thing on the other end of the headphone wire contains a scented tablet. Depending on the type of music being played, different scents are released. Fact: when… Read More

  • Dell developing another line of MP3 players?

    I still have my 20GB Dell DJ (the one on the left up there). It’s been sitting in a box marked “To Sell on eBay” for, oh, at least three years along with my Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, my first-generation Nintendo DS, and a couple of ink cartridges for an old Lexmark printer. Bad news for me, as it appears the value of my old Dell music player might plummet when Dell’s… Read More

  • Journey MP3 player pre-loaded with their new album

    Journey, the “band,” has a 1GB MP3 player out there, brought to you by the fine folks at ZVUE. It comes with 11 brand new songs from the album Revelation and 11 re-recorded songs. A neat venture, but one we’d like to see with a good band, like My Chemical Romance. via Anything But iPod Read More

  • Universal Music, Sky to launch music subscription service this year

    The UK’s Sky and Universal are the latest companies to try, and ultimately fail, to knock Apple’s iTunes off its high horse. The two have teamed up to launch a new service, due later this year, that will be one of those all-you-can-eat subscription schemes. Think Napster and Rhapsody. Thankfully, songs that are downloadable will be DRM-free. Universal is the biggest record company… Read More

  • Beware of streams bearing gifts

    Hackers are now using ASF (Advanced System Format) to trick PC users into installing malicious software. If you’re not familiar with ASF, it’s a Microsoft-defined container format for media streams that contain additional content like links to websites and images. You don’t see it around quite as much these days (most sites use FLV or some such these days) but it’s… Read More