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I’ve been working on a big project the past several days (more on that soon), which means, unfortunately, I’ve been away from the daily breaking news. That means, in turn, that I really haven’t

Diligent’s Vivian Chu and Labrador’s Mike Dooley will discuss assistive robotics at TC Sessions: Robotics+AI

Too often the world of robotics seems to be a solution in search of a problem. Assistive robotics, on the other hand, are among one of the primary real-world tasks existing technology can seemingly ad

Moxi pushes 2-tuner DVRs out, goes with only 3-tuner models across the board

<img src="">Who wants a 2-tuner DVR? Anyone? Arris doesn't think so and is now only offering 3-tuner Moxi DVRs.

Friday Contest: Win a triple-tuner Moxi HD DVR

Sure, all the cool kids are ditching cable and satellite these days, but us normal folk still pay for our TV. If that’s you, then you need a DVR and Arris wants you to have a brand new Moxi HD D

Arris outs a 3-tuner Moxi HD DVR, drops prices across the board

The former Digeo has managed to stay busy despite going through an acquisition by Arris. The company just went live with a slew of updates that show the company is serious about the DVR game. First an

Digeo is giving away two Moxi HD DVRs and Moxi Mates

Listen, the Moxi HD DVR has problems in my eyes, but if you’re still stuck with a cable DVR, you better click through and enter this contest. The Moxi HD DVR is years past anything you can get

Hands-on the Moxi HD DVR summer update: So close, but yet so far

Digeo just pushed the summer Moxi HD DVR update and I had to check it out. I had a few issues with the DVR after the last release that was supposed to be resolved. One, I hate the vertical channel gui

Digeo updates the Moxi HD DVR and releases the Moxi Mate

Digeo is committed to the the Moxi HD DVR and has rolled out some updates. So far I like what I see as the updates addresses many of issues I had with the DVR. First and foremost, the DVR now has an o

PlayOn adds local media playback, brings .avi & .mkv support to the Moxi HD DVR

<img src="">I'm so excited. MediaMall has updated its DLNA software, PlayOn, to support local network media playback within the

Vizio releasing Twitter-, Flickr-, Netflix-enabled TV

<img src="">Widgets and gadgets are the latest trend to hit HDTVs. <a href="">Vizio</a>

On the future of the Moxi HD DVR – with a poll

I had a long talk with Digeo’s CEO, Greg Gudorf, about the future of the Moxi HD DVR. It became clear to me right away that we saw the DVR differently. He, and presumably his company, views the

Playboy says Roku is getting Hulu

<img src="">The latest issue of Playboy is stating that <a href="">Hulu</a> support is coming to <a

The new AMEX DIGITAL HD Media Player Venice-V38HD, it has a 2TB HDD

<img src="">Think the world has enough media streamers? Hells no. There is definitely room for the AMEX DIGITAL Venic-V3

Win a Moxi HD DVR from Digeo

Want a Moxi HD DVR? Do ya? Really?!? Well, Digeo is giving away two of the DVRs.

Digeo to offer payments plans on Moxi HD DVR

<img src="">Despite some <a href="">initi

MOXI HD shocker: No AVI or MKV support

<img src="">Somehow in the hoopla that surrounded <a href="">th

Got a Moxi HD DVR, not that impressed so far

I finally received and installed a Moxi HD DVR after some shipping issues with Fedex . I have to say though, I’m not that impressed two days in. The company screams on the official website that

Moxi HD DVR gets some tasty upgrades

<img src="">Digeo's <a href="">Moxi </a> HD DVR, you know it as the other DVR that's sort-of like

Live from the Monster Cable CES Press Event

<img src="">Monster Cable</a>: hate 'em or love 'em, they are a driving force in the CE world. Their 2009 lineup, at least according t

The 500GB Moxi HD DVR is finally available

Digeo finally has made their next-gen HD DVR somewhat available. Amazon has a soft launch of the $799 box and as much as I dig the Moxi’s UI, I hope it has the right stuff to justify spending $2