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  • Friday Contest: Win a triple-tuner Moxi HD DVR

    Sure, all the cool kids are ditching cable and satellite these days, but us normal folk still pay for our TV. If that’s you, then you need a DVR and Arris wants you to have a brand new Moxi HD DVR this holiday season. And yup, you get the new triple-tuner model that allows you to record three cable stations at once. The Moxi HD DVR doesn’t have any subscription costs, can record up… Read More

  • Arris outs a 3-tuner Moxi HD DVR, drops prices across the board

    The former Digeo has managed to stay busy despite going through an acquisition by Arris. The company just went live with a slew of updates that show the company is serious about the DVR game. First and foremost is a new HD DVR model. This boy is almost exactly like the current Moxi HD DVR except it comes equipped with three tuners that will allow you to record three separate stations at one… Read More

  • Hands-on the Moxi HD DVR summer update: So close, but yet so far

    Digeo just pushed the summer Moxi HD DVR update and I had to check it out. I had a few issues with the DVR after the last release that was supposed to be resolved. One, I hate the vertical channel guide bar thing and the summer update added a traditional grid guide. Two, the GUI was supposed to be faster now and require less button presses. Three, the player was finally suppose to be able… Read More

  • Digeo updates the Moxi HD DVR and releases the Moxi Mate

    Digeo is committed to the the Moxi HD DVR and has rolled out some updates. So far I like what I see as the updates addresses many of issues I had with the DVR. First and foremost, the DVR now has an optional grid guide, which is a great alternative to the the vertical bar layout that was previously the only option. Thank goodness, I say.

    But this summer update isn’t just all about… Read More

  • PlayOn adds local media playback, brings .avi & .mkv support to the Moxi HD DVR

    I’m so excited. MediaMall has updated its DLNA software, PlayOn, to support local network media playback within the app. The streaming app was always a solid way to playback Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube on any DLNA device like the Archos devices, the PS3, Xbox 360 and so many others. In fact, this was Digeo’s solution to bring Internet media to the Moxi HD DVR. However, the app… Read More

  • On the future of the Moxi HD DVR – with a poll

    I had a long talk with Digeo’s CEO, Greg Gudorf, about the future of the Moxi HD DVR. It became clear to me right away that we saw the DVR differently. He, and presumably his company, views the Moxi HD DVR as an organic device which will grow and improve overtime. I however see it as a device that was brought to market before it was complete and feel early users are really beta testers… Read More

  • Win a Moxi HD DVR from Digeo

    Want a Moxi HD DVR? Do ya? Really?!? Well, Digeo is giving away two of the DVRs. Read More

  • How to install PlayOn (and WMP11) on Windows Home Server

    PlayOn is good piece of software but it also requires Windows Media Player 11 to install. This is a problem on Windows Home Server as I just discovered while reviewing a Moxi HD DVR review. However, it can be installed as one intrepid commenter pointed out. Side note: See, this is what I’m ranting about. I get a Moxi HD DVR, but to use it properly, I need to follow a wiki entry step-by-step. Read More

  • Digeo to offer payments plans on Moxi HD DVR

    Despite some initial issues with the Moxi HD DVR, I’m starting to dig the $799 DVR. Digeo has plans to soften the overall cost though with a monthly payment plan. The overall $799 price hasn’t changed though, but maybe this payment approach will help move some more of the units. The $799 price is still a touch high, even though there are not any monthly fees like TiVo. Read More

  • Gadgets suck

    I’m curious. How do normal people – non geeks – survive in this gadget filled world? It’s a fair question as nearly every gadget or piece of technology I have used in the last few years required days of Google’n and trial/error usage before the damn thing would finally work. Maybe I’m different than most and actually expect gadgets to work… Read More