Update: Mowser Assets Find a home at dotMobi

It’s always a good idea to kill your startup in public. Russell Beattie did that last month with Mowser, a service that converts regular Web addresses into mobile-friendly ones, because he said

Mowser Founder Says Mobile Web Is Dead. It's The Opposite: The Mobile Web Was Born Only Yesterday

The Mobile Web is dead, says entreprenuer Russell Beattie, and it’s time for him to deadpool Mowser. Read the details in Duncan’s post from earlier today. Now I certainly think that the da

Hungry Founder Puts Mowser In The Deadpool

Mobile internet service Mowser is to be shut down due to lack of traffic, funding, and a hungry founder. Founded by ex-Yahoo mobile evangelist Russell Beattie in 2007, Mowser offered a web to mobile f