After an extremely rough year, MoviePass attempts to ‘refocus’

So, like, maybe you had a bad 2018. But ask yourself: was it MoviePass bad? The company was flying high over the summer with a popular movie ticket subscription service that appeared too good to be tr

Sinemia drops ticket subscription prices, adds rollover feature

Sinemia’s ticket plans change about as often as box office receipts — but at least they appear to be a bit of good news for customers. The movie subscription service, which has made a name for its

MoviePass says it’s bringing back an unlimited movie plan

It may be hard to remember, but MoviePass once offered a relatively straightforward value proposition — for a monthly subscription fee, you could watch as many movies as you want. Now it sounds like

MoviePass’s film studio signed a three-year deal with Bruce Willis

Say what you will about MoviePass (and there’s plenty to be said), the company doesn’t give up. The theater ticket subscription service’s production wing has dried the ink on a three-picture dea

MoviePass announces new pricing plans for 2019

It’s been a rocky year for MoviePass, something that CEO Mitch Lowe acknowledged in an interview this week with Variety. “We have a lot to prove to all our constituents,” Lowe said. “We do

MoviePass parent company to spin off MoviePass

Helios and Matheson Analytics (HMNY) will spin off MoviePass and all movie-related activities into a separate public company. HMNY is an analytics company after all, and MoviePass has been a pretty ba

MoviePass is under investigation for securities fraud in New York state

More bad news for MoviePass. At the direction of New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, MoviePass parent company Helios and Matheson is now the subject of a fraud probe in New York state.

MoviePass’ parent just raised a bunch of money

As the summer of MoviePass quickly turned into the bummer of MoviePass, the company has been trying all manner of Hail Marys to keep the dream alive. And while the movie ticket startup has been burnin

AMC’s MoviePass competitor hits 380K users in 3 months, will increase US attendance

As MoviePass flounders and runs out of cash, AMC’s competitive offering, AMC Stubs A-List, is scaling up quickly. The theater chain announced this morning the service is growing faster than anti

MoviePass competitor Sinemia launches unlimited plan

It’s been a rough few months for MoviePass. But every time the movie subscription service has faltered, one company has been there to pick up the pieces. Sinemia has done a solid job benefiting from

MoviePass is limiting selection to ‘up to six films’ a day

One gets the distinct impression that nothing is ever permanent with MoviePass — including, of course, MoviePass itself. The troubled film subscription service has been through a number of different

MoviePass’ parent company had a really rough quarter

The company that owns MoviePass lost a ton of money last quarter. Unsurprising, I realize, but in context, it’s actually a bit of a mind boggling. The more austerely named Helios and Matheson Analyt

MoviePass says those cancellation bugs have been fixed

MoviePass is about to roll out its new subscription plan, which will keep prices at $9.95 while imposing a new limit of three movies per month. But it seems that the transition hasn’t been going

MoviePass Films announces its first production, with Bruce Willis as star

MoviePass is getting into the movie production business with 10 Minutes Gone, a film starring Bruce Willis. The movie was announced in Deadline, which says that it will tell the story of a man who los

MoviePass keeps plan at $10, but limits subscribers to three movies a month

Troubled theater subscription service MoviePass is rejiggering its subscription plan once again. The company announced via press release that, due to consumer feedback, it won’t be raising the month

Sorry guys, even Elon Musk can’t fix MoviePass…

Well, Elon Musk sure had a good run at fixing the world’s pressing problems. Stuff like climate change — with those fancy electric sports cars, built in a fancy tent. Or those fancy solar

MoviePass will raise prices to $15 a month while limiting access to blockbuster films

Yesterday, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe reportedly called an all-hands in which he informed employees of plans to further limit access to blockbuster films. The policy, which started with Mission: Impossi

MoviePass could block more big movies from its subscription service

During an all-hands meeting earlier today, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe reportedly informed staff that the service will bar additional big titles from its subscription service. According to a report from

MoviePass is down again

After the revelation that MoviePass borrowed $5 million to keep its service up and running last week, things aren’t looking good. MoviePass subscribers, myself included, were met on Monday with

MoviePass borrowed $5M to end yesterday’s outage

More bad news for subscription movie ticket service MoviePass, which acknowledged yesterday that there was an unidentified issue preventing people from using their MoviePass credit cards to get ticket
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