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  • Google quietly shutters standalone Google Showtimes movie site

    Google quietly shutters standalone Google Showtimes movie site

    It looks like the last picture show for one of Google’s efforts at expanding into more detailed vertical search pages. Without much notice, the search giant has closed down its standalone movie site where people were able to search for cinemas, films and show times on a particular date and near a specific location, rolling some of the functionality directly into its main search… Read More

  • Audience Entertainment's Interactive 360 Degree Demo

    Audience Entertainment Shows Off New Ways To Play Games With Everyone At The Movie Theater

    Startup Audience Entertainment aims to get movie watchers twisting and turning as they play games together in the theater. I wrote about the company a few of months ago, when it was about to release a software development kit for outside developers to create content for the platform. The demos I saw then were pretty simple — for example a game where I jumped around to tap falling… Read More

  • Canadian movie theaters rent screen time to gamers

    If you live in Canada, have 11 friends, and like to play Xbox 360, then you’ve got what appears to be a dyn-o-mite formula for what I’m about to tell you. As of last Friday, Cineplex Entertainment, which owns 29 theaters across Canada, started renting out screen time for playing Xbox 360. The theaters have a library of games, too, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t… Read More

  • In the age of big screen plasmas, do you still go to the movie theaters?

    Who bothers going to the movie theaters anymore in the age of 60-inch plasmas and Dolby TrueHD? I ask because Peter and I just had a brief to-do in the chat room: I saw the “I am Legend” DVD screener last night (if you’re reading CrunchGear, I assume you know where to find it), which shocked Mr. Ha. Wouldn’t you rather see it in the theater?, he asked. No. No I would not. Read More

  • Malaysian Theaters Go Stealth

    Fighting movie pirates can be hard, especially in Asia, where 7-megapixel cameraphones run rampant. So in an effort to crack down on piracy, Malaysian movie theaters have started using night-vision goggles to track down pirates. The method has been useful so far, as 17 people have been caught trying to record films in the past two months. Maybe “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead… Read More