• SteelSeries sneaks out the R.U.S.E. special edition mouse

    SteelSeries seems to have worked out their new favorite niche recently, between their World of Warcraft, and StarCraft II themed products. Add another couple of products to that list, with the R.U.S.E mouse and the QcK gaming surface (don’t call it a mouse pad). Read More

  • DIY: Teflon mouse pad for optical mice

    Here’s a pretty easy DIY project, for someone so inclined. I’ll be honest, after checking around a bit on the price of commercial teflon mouse pads, I’m not sure why you’d want to take the time to make one. Essentially the project is this: take a teflon surface like a cookie sheet, baking pan, or skillet, and then modify it to the right size, and then finish the edges… Read More

  • Scratch-n-Scroll mousepad

    We’ve been hearing for what feels like decades about the “paperless” revolution, wherein everything will be written on computers. The problem is that computers — even smartphones and tablet PCs — still make it unnecessarily complicated to jot down a quick note. You know, the kind of thing that doesn’t have any lasting permanence but something you’re… Read More

  • Review and Giveaway: Razer Sphex mousepad

    Quickie: A paper-thin gaming mouse pad that stays in place thanks to a sticky backside and a surface that really does improve mouse tracking. And the Razer Shpex is only $15. Read More

  • Japanese get a set of cute Snoopy PC accessories, all others don't

    Tokyo-based Kokuyo today announced a set of PC accessories [JP] that will make the heart of every Snoopy fan beat faster. The devices will hit Japan (and Japan only) December 22. Snoopy is featured on a four port-USB hub ($30), an optical mouse ($30) and a mousepad ($15). Read More

  • Wooden mousepad, very fetching

    Like the gorgeous designer keyboards we featured a while ago from this same site, this angled wooden keyboard is very good-looking but pretty overpriced. There isn’t a lot of info there, like what kind of wood it is, the finish, and so on, but I’m guessing it’s varnished pretty well if you’re supposed to be mousing all over it. I like the built-in incline – with… Read More

  • Fanatec Heäd$h0t is the Most Feature Heavy Mouse and Mousepad Ever

    USB hub, which means it needs an AC adapter. You snap on the plastic arch, which holds the old school telephone receiver-style cord of the mouse in place. The mouse itself has a really wide wing on the right to keep your ring and pinkie finger on the mouse as you move it, and you can even adjust the mouse’s width if one of your parents passed on the “gorilla hands” gene. Read More

  • Lindy Illuminated Mouse Pad With Four-Port USB Hub

    Mouse pads are a dime a dozen, but we bet yours doesn’t have a four-port USB hub. Right? That is, unless you’ve already purchased one of these Lindy Illuminated pads, in which case we apologize profusely. The mouse pad not only lights up, but allows you to plug in your various iPod docks, USB fans, and fingerprint readers. Pick one up now for £14.99, or $28.46. Need some USB… Read More