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Mouse Review Week contest: one day left!

Hey, potential winners! We already have a gaggle of entrants into the contest to win the PAX Death Adder, but if you missed the original post, click below for contest details and links to the video re

Review: Razer Death Adder mouse

[] It’s the final review of Mouse Review Week! Are you freaking out? I know I am! Because I’m finally reviewing this Razer mouse I’ve been too

Review: Kensington Slimblade Media mouse Mouse Review Week glides on with Kensington’s modest but successful offering. This is a short review because it’s a little mouse. Click below for pictures a

Review: SteelSeries Ikari laser mouse

[] The video’s a little longer than the others because I… I mean you love hearing my voice. It’s another one! For our fourth mouse in the glori

Review: Microsoft Sidewinder X5 mouse

[] The hot new Sidewinder Microsoft gaming gear has hit. You’ll see a review of the freaky X6 keyboard next week, but as it is Mouse Review Week (at least

Review: NZXT Avatar gaming mouse

[] It’s that time again, kiddies. Today we take a look at NZXT’s first foray into mouse country. Are they naturals? Find out above in video form or b

Review: Razer Salmosa gaming mouse

[] Mouse week’s first object of review. This is Razer’s lowest-cost mouse, with the fewest buttons and features. Find out whether it’s worth th

Mouse review week, plus a contest! Win a limited edition PAX mouse

[] Hey, loyal readers. Are you tired of cleaning mouse balls? Maybe it’s time to upgrade. I’ve got a veritable avalanche of mouse reviews (well, six)