Mouse pad

  • Meet the Ozone Trace, a mouse pad from the sky

    Attention to detail is a character quality that most people live without. Even most companies lack it. However, there are some times when you see a new product that just takes detail to the next level. If you can appreciate such craft, then check out this mouse pad. Read More

  • Boob-powered mouse and mouse pad

    I know this is silly but it’s a rather slow day in East Asia (forgive me): I just accidentally stumbled upon this “special” mouse and mouse pad set [JP], which is unfortunately Japan-only (as was the golfing mouse pad and the one for gropers). What can I say, the mouse buttons are shaped like boobs and the hand rest on the mouse pad is cleverly formed like a pair of… Read More

  • Because your mouse pad might as well do something

    Here’s the Zone ZUP8020 Multifunctional Mouse Pad. That’s a long name! It’s fitting, though, because the ZZMMP (as I’ll now call it) does so many things beyond supporting the undercarriage of your human interface device. It’s got a four-port USB (2.0) hub, a drive-through style microphone, not one, but two (two!) speakers, and an audio input and output in case… Read More

  • Top 10 of the weirdest stuff currently available in Japanese online shops

    Here are some very “interesting” gadgets and questionable items I recently found on the web while trying to get a birthday present for a Japanese friend of mine (who is very rich and hard to please). And yes, Japanese people also think these things are weird, believe me. Top 10: Anti-boar electric fence ($235 online price)
    The manufacturer says their fence is especially… Read More

  • Wrist Supporting Cleavage

    Boobies! Yes, that’s right folks, we at Crunchgear have finally found a mouse pad for all those fellows, or ladies, who need to cop a feel during the daily grind. Racing girl has put out a mouse pad that supports the user’s wrist with foam cleavage. We feel dirty now. Naughty Racing Girls mouse pad [Slashgear] Read More