Mouse pad

Meet the Ozone Trace, a mouse pad from the sky

<img src="" />Attention to detail is a character quality that most people live without. Even most companies lack it. However, there are s

Boob-powered mouse and mouse pad

I know this is silly but it’s a rather slow day in East Asia (forgive me): I just accidentally stumbled upon this “special” mouse and mouse pad set [JP], which is unfortunately Japan

Because your mouse pad might as well do something

Here’s the Zone ZUP8020 Multifunctional Mouse Pad. That’s a long name! It’s fitting, though, because the ZZMMP (as I’ll now call it) does so many things beyond supporting the undercarriage of

Top 10 of the weirdest stuff currently available in Japanese online shops

Here are some very “interesting” gadgets and questionable items I recently found on the web while trying to get a birthday present for a Japanese friend of mine (who is very rich and hard

Wrist Supporting Cleavage

Boobies! Yes, that’s right folks, we at Crunchgear have finally found a mouse pad for all those fellows, or ladies, who need to cop a feel during the daily grind. Racing girl has put out a mouse pad