• We never named a mountain after Avatar. What are you talking about?

    Monday could have marked one of the greatest acts of trolling of the decade. An official ceremony was held to change the name of a mountain in the Hunan province to commemorate James Cameron’s Avatar. Seems that now they’re realizing naming national monuments after movies isn’t the best idea. Read More

  • Apple Time Capsule not so server grade after all, some would even say poop grade!

    Server grade my rosy red butt! Well, well, well, Mr. Apple. Lie much? Apple’s Time Capsule doesn’t have a “server grade” hard drive in it — as they claim on their website. Instead they use a hard drive that I would keep pictures of a dead squirrel on, the 1 TB Hitachi Deskstar HDS721010KLA330. That’s right, people: the HDS721010KLA330. That’s like… Read More