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Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback Are Here To Stay

Yay for real sugar! Pepsi has thankfully made the HFCS-free Throwback editions of Pepsi and Mountain Dew permanent drinks rather than just on-again, off-again Limited Editions. These pure sugar editio

A Life-Sized, Actually Working Halo: Reach Mongoose ATV? Thanks, Mountain Dew!

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You & Your Noble Team Buddies Can Win Some Mountain Dew Halo Goodies

<img src="" />How is your <a HREF=""><i>Halo: Reach</i></a>-ing? Racked up a bunch of frags

Mountain Dew and Pepsi Throwback bring real sugar back to sodas once again

They’re baaaack! I just spotted the greatest beverages on Earth in my local Rite Aid while shopping for New Year’s Eve refreshments. The last I heard, Pepsi¬†discontinued¬†the Throwback li

Glowing Mountain Dew – Watch more free videos This reminds me of the time we were putting on The Pajama Game in high school and we drank a bunch of the Dew