mountain dew

  • Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback Are Here To Stay

    Yay for real sugar! Pepsi has thankfully made the HFCS-free Throwback editions of Pepsi and Mountain Dew permanent drinks rather than just on-again, off-again Limited Editions. These pure sugar editions even come in retro cans and bottles and are apparently a big enough hit that they’re staying around for good. Fine by me. I like ’em. Flickr’d Read More

  • A Life-Sized, Actually Working Halo: Reach Mongoose ATV? Thanks, Mountain Dew!

    Remember the Halo: Reach Honor the Code Mountain Dew promotion from a few months back? Of course you do. The prizes were, and still are, pretty neat, but word on the street is that now you can win something truly special. Yes, you’re looking at it right now: a fully working, life-sized Halo: Reach Mongoose ATV. Read More

  • You & Your Noble Team Buddies Can Win Some Mountain Dew Halo Goodies

    How is your Halo: Reach-ing? Racked up a bunch of frags in multi-player yet? I’ve slacked off, and now most of my free gaming time goes toward Fallout and F1 2010. There’s a neat bit of news that may be of interest to some of you. You know how when Halo 3 launched, back in 2007, there was a special edition of Mountain Dew? Well now Pepsi (Mountain Dew’s parent company)… Read More

  • Mountain Dew and Pepsi Throwback bring real sugar back to sodas once again

    They’re baaaack! I just spotted the greatest beverages on Earth in my local Rite Aid while shopping for New Year’s Eve refreshments. The last I heard, Pepsi¬†discontinued¬†the Throwback line after a brief early summer run. But according to Wikipedia — who’s never wrong — the HFCS-free sodas are back for a limited time. Why, oh why, did I give up soda a few days ago. Read More

  • Glowing Mountain Dew – Watch more free videos This reminds me of the time we were putting on The Pajama Game in high school and we drank a bunch of the Dew and we all peed this same color. It was nuts. Why were we all looking at each other’s pee? That’s a different story, one I’m working out with my analyst. Read More