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Hands-On With The Droid Razr M: The Reversal Of ‘Big Phone Syndrome’ Feels Wonderful

We're here at the Motorola event in New York, and I just got my hands on the <a href="">Droid Razr M</a>, the <a href="https://bet

Watch Motorola’s “On Display” Android Press Event Replay in Full

Motorola just wrapped up its press event detailing the <a title="Motorola Officially Unveils The Droid RAZR HD And Droid RAZR MAXX HD" href="

Motorola Outs The Verizon-Bound DROID RAZR M, Launching On 9/13 For $99

Motorola’s new RAZR HD may be getting all the attention, but that’s definitely not all the company was planning to reveal today. As expected, the new (and Verizon-exclusive) RAZR M has just taken

Chrome Comes Pre-Installed On New Motorola Android Devices

Motorola just revealed that its new phones today will come with Chrome pre-installed. Traditionally, Android phones have come with different browsers, but never Google's own, which officially came out

Eric Schmidt: “There Are Now 1.3 Million Android Device Activations Per Day”

Bam! Eric Schmidt just dropped bombshell number during the opening of Motorola's "On Display" event. Giving context to the sheer size of Android's growing ecosystem stated that there are now 1.3M Andr

Motorola Officially Unveils The Droid RAZR HD And Droid RAZR MAXX HD

The Droid Razr HD has been <a href="">spinning its way</a> around the rumor mill for