• The Modobag suitcase is my new hot ride

    Different forms of transportation, like skateboards, bikes, hoverboards, scooters — really anything motorized — they’re all fun! So when I got the opportunity to try out a rideable suitcase, I knew we had to have a good time with it. The Modobag was created by inventor Kevin O’Donnell after seeing his kid riding on the suitcase he was pulling through the airport. He… Read More

  • DI-Someone else: Wireless motorized mountainboard (with remote!)

    Details are sketchy (but there’s lots to learn if you read the comments), but here’s another college student DIY project. Yes, I know it’s a little old, but it’s Sunday, and this is one of those “in case you missed it” things. Anyway, a college student mounted a snowboard on wheels, added a motor, wireless remote via a PS2 controller, and made a project… Read More

  • Is this really a motorized skateboard?

    My buddy Paul just bought this odd $229 motorized skateboard – you know, for kids. It apparently runs at 12 miles an hour and can support an adult up to 250 pounds. I’ve never seen these – it seems like they’re the logical follow-up to the pocket bike craze. Read More

  • The "Motorized Knee" makes your running 30% more efficient

    The researchers at Japan’s Tsukuba University seem to be particularly active when it comes to enhancing human body functions. This is the institution where the famous robot suit HAL-5 was developed and now we have another invention that can help boost the efficiency of our bodies – if that’s what we want and need, that is. A research team at said university has constructed… Read More