• Sample images from the Pentax K-7 at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix

    One of the downsides to covering gadgets on a daily basis for as long as I have is the fact that I think everything is crap. Very few things excite me and anything that does usually ends up falling short of my expectations. It’s unfortunate, but once in a blue moon does something not only impress, but also exceed my expectations. Case in point, the Pentax K-7. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Capcom secures rights to MotoGP

    High res Any MotoGP fans in the crowd? Well, whatever. I’m a fan. Today, Capcom announced that they’ve acquired the exclusive platform rights to MotoGP through 2012. That means, you might see a MotoGP title on all platforms sans the Nintendo DS. The picture above should not be misconstrued, as I am not a Valentino Rossi supporter or Yamaha fan. I used to root for Sete Gibernau until… Read More

  • Skateboard Like A MotoGP Racer

    Garry Chang’s latest creation is a skateboard that oddly enough reminds me of a motorcycle. Huh? Wha?! The Curve Extreme Sport ditches two wheels and goes for a more streamlined approach that allows the skater to take turns at higher speeds thanks to the two wheels that are centrally located on the front and back. The wheels are essentially motorcycle/bicycle tires that are tapered at… Read More

  • SanDisk Announces Extreme Ducati Edition Drives

    We normally wouldn’t bore you with USB flash drives, CF and SD cards, but being the MotoGP and Ducati fan that I am you’re just going to have to deal with it. SanDisk is getting tons of exposure on a global stage by being one of Ducati’s Corse MotoGP team sponsors and it doesn’t hurt that Casey Stoner is currently ranked #1. Read More