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The Moto Z2 Force Edition makes sacrifices for the sake of modularity

The arrival of the Z2 is a moment of truth for the Moto Z line — and modular phones in general. The product’s novelty was enough to generate plenty of interest for the first generation, but a year

Motorola’s Moto Z gets a 360-degree camera mod

Motorola’s latest batch of Moto Mod hacks include baby alerts and a breathalyzer

The Moto Z might not have transformed the smartphone world yet, but Motorola’s been doing a solid job generating some interest around its modular smartphone by opening the system up to all intereste

Motorola’s hackathon-winning Moto Mods include a gamepad and skin-care monitor

You’ve got to hand it to Motorola, the smartphone maker does appear committed to its nascent modular smartphone offering. The company launched the Moto Z back in July, alongside four magnetic backin

The Moto Mods ecosystem expands with a car dock and Mophie battery backup

At launch, the Moto Z was compatible with three different modular backings (four if you count the shell projector): a Motorola pico projector, a speaker from JBL and an Incipio battery pack. Shortly a

Motorola opens its Moto Z modular system to hardware developers

Motorola – or, perhaps more accurately, Verizon – has started selling the modular Moto Z and Moto Z Force Droid Editions today (starting at $624 and $720, respectively), along with the JBL SoundBo