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Amazon is now subsidizing the Moto G and other smartphones with on-screen ads

In a move that is both altogether unexpected and entirely predictable, Amazon is announcing this morning that it will bringing the same on-screen ad subsidized price cut its been offering on its own K

Motorola shows off three new additions to its budget Moto G line

So much for pomp and circumstance. A day ahead of Google I/O’s official kick off, Morotola/Lenovo has spilled the beans about three new versions of the company’s warmly received Moto G line of bud

The New Moto X And Moto G Are Incredibly Cheap Yet Powerful Phones

Motorola has just unveiled its new lineup of smartphones, the Moto G, Moto X Style and Moto X Play. While these phones are mostly updated versions of their previous iterations, Motorola is sticking wi

The New Moto G Offers A Bigger Screen And Removable Storage At $179.99 Unlocked

Along with a new flagship Moto X, Motorola is taking the wraps off its new Moto G today, and the new version of its affordable smartphone continues to be one of the best values in modern mobile device

Motorola’s Amazing Budget Smartphone Is Now Available With 4G

The Motorola G is a helluva a deal, and it just got better. The budget phone is now available in the U.S. with 4G for just $219. Unlocked and not tied to a carrier contract. And that's awesome. You sh

Motorola Ups The Budget Android Ante With $130 Moto E, And LTE Moto G

Budget Androids still get a bad rap but Motorola is on a mission to change that, with the launch last year of the Moto G. Today it's stepping on the gas at the low end -- outing an even cheaper follow

Moto G Has Turned Motorola’s U.K. Fortunes Around, Study Finds

Turns out the 'G' in Moto G stands for 'Go!'. Motorola's well-reviewed sub-$200 Android handset has given Motorola an unexpected boost in the U.K. -- a market where the brand had gone into near-total

This Week On The TechCrunch Droidcast: The Google Play Edition Moto G Arrives While Our Host Departs

We’re freshly back from CES, so visions of new Android-powered devices swirl in our heads. While in Vegas we subjected the new Z1S to the rigorous water salad test, so we talk about that, the ne

Motorola’s Moto G Gets A Google Play Edition, Still $179 And $199 Unlocked

Google essentially makes the Moto G as it is – they own Motorola’s handset business, and both the Moto X and Moto G were designed and built under Google’s parental supervision. But that

Fly Or Die: Motorola Moto G

It always seems like the flagship phones get the most attention, but what about a device that doesn't even bother trying to claim that title? Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has been saying for months an

Moto G Review: Motorola Bridges The Gap Between Cheap And Good In Smartphones

Motorola has done its best to deliver a premium experience with an affordable price tag with the Moto G, the little sibling to the higher priced Moto X. Both phones have Google's stamp all over them,

Motorola’s Awfully Cheap, Unlocked Moto G Makes Its U.S. Debut

Motorola may have designed its <a href="">cheap Moto X</a> with international markets in

Google Travels The World In Search Of Android Insights From Its Most Important Growth Markets

Google isn't just targeting a broader user base with Android 4.4 based on speculative assumptions – TechCrunch has learned that the Internet giant recently sent teams of Android staffers all over th

The Sub-$200 Moto G Smartphone Is Google’s Answer To Android’s Laggy Low-End

When Google bought Motorola there were plenty of theories about why it wanted the mobile maker. Patents, being named chief among them. But today’s launch of the low cost Moto G smartphone suggests t

Hands On With Moto G, Motorola’s Sub-$200 ‘Budget Premium’ Smartphone

Today Motorola unveiled its Moto G smartphone, which is related to the Moto X in many ways, but very different in others. I had the chance to try out the Moto G in person at Motorola's Canadian HQ in

Motorola Makes The Moto G Official, A “Premium” Phone Starting At $179 Unlocked

Motorola held a special event today to reveal its new Moto G, a spiritual sibling to the Moto X and a way for the Google-owned smartphone maker to bring its vision of a customized mobile device future

Moto X Customization Via Moto Maker Comes To All Major U.S. Carriers

Motorola’s Moto X is a solid phone, but part of its appeal are the customization options that allow users to engrave things into the back, change the color and even material of the back case and