motley crue

  • Motley Crue's Rock Band track outsells its iTunes partner

    It’s for sure a sign of the rise of digital music and casual gaming when it’s reported that one of the greatest bands of all time — Motley Crue — has sold more copies of its new single through the Rock Band downloadable store than it has through iTunes. In fact, Rock Band has almost five times more sales of the track than iTunes, an interesting feat. Of course… Read More

  • Mötley Crüe release their new single straight to Rock Band

    I guess they just know their audience, or maybe they play the game a lot themselves and thought it worked well. Either way, these old-school glam-rockers are releasing their single “Saints of Los Angeles” through Rock Band. I can’t think of any jokes that relate this event to the obvious TLJ/Pamela Anderson situation, so please try to imagine something funny during this… Read More