Motiv’s fitness ring can help you find a lost iPhone

I was surprisingly impressed when I tested out Motiv’s fitness ring. Honestly, I’m not a ring wearer myself, but it’s nice to see a hardware startup think outside the fitness band — and produc

Motiv’s fitness ring is simple, but surprisingly capable

When Motiv told me what they were working on just ahead of CES, I perked up. It wasn’t the functionality — there are a million trackers out there that do what the device does and much more. It was

Motiv crams a fitness band’s worth of functionality into a ring

Here’s one of those devices I can’t wait to put through some real world testing. Motiv’s creators have made some pretty big claims for their tiny wearable – which are pretty impressive, if tru

Buzz Editor: Immersion Releases MOTIV Haptics Platform

You rarely notice haptics, but when it comes to human-computer interaction, they can make or break a device. That’s why Immersion (the leader in haptic feedback – basically little high-spe