NVIDIA teaming up with MotionDSP to clean up your video Remember that MotionDSP stuff we talked about a few weeks ago? No? Let me refresh your memory: it’s a process — extremely CPU intensive, I’m t

The Future Of Copyright Protection Is Here And It Costs $11 An Hour

It’s no secret that video sites like YouTube benefited from added traffic generated by hosting copyrighted content. But as these sites get acquired, integrate advertising, or just want to avoid

MotionDSP Launches Military Grade Video Enhancement

MotionDSP uses military grade video enhancement technology to improve the quality of low-grade footage from devices like mobile phones. The technology compares every frame in a video to find and repla

MotionDSP Improves Grainy Video for Military, You

While many of us try to take video and images with our cameraphones or webcams, the resulting footage is rarely usable and suffers from a great deal of anti-aliasing and generally messy pixels. Motion