• Competition for Flickr: Snapfish buys Motionbox, Posterous courts Flickr users

    Snapfish, the photo sharing and printing site from Hewlett Packard, announced today that they’ve acquired the Motionbox video platform, allowing Snapfish to expand its video offering. Current Motionbox users will have their content migrated to their new Snapfish account, and the current Motionbox site will remain online until August. In related news, Posterous is wooing Flickr users as… Read More

  • Motionbox Acquires Fellow Video Sharing Site Viddyou

    YouTube alternative and video sharing site Motionbox has acquired competitor and fellow video site Viddyou for an undisclosed amount. Motionbox, which raised $6 million in funding earlier this year, is similar to YouTube in that it allows users to upload and share their videos on the web, but it includes a more in-depth suite of privacy settings that make it better suited for sharing clips with… Read More

  • Motionbox Raises $6 Million Series C For Its YouTube Alternative

    Video sharing site Motionbox has just closed a $6 million Series C funding round led by Constellation Ventures, with Canaan Partners and SAS Investors also participating. Alongside the funding, Motionbox is also announcing that its founder and CEO Chris O’Brien will be assuming the role of Chairman of the Board and EVP of Strategy and Corporate Development, with former COO Josh… Read More

  • AOL Gets Out Of User Generated Video Business

    AOL is on a product-cutting spree. In addition to the shuttering of XDrive, AOL Pictures, MyMobile And Bluestring, the company will also be shutting down the AOL Video Uploads service starting this week. Users must move their videos prior to December 18, when the service closes for good and the videos will no longer be available. AOL is recommending that users transfer videos to Motionbox, a… Read More

  • Viddyou Debuts High Definition Video and Premium Memberships

    Viddyou, a video sharing site that launched almost a year ago as a platform for video bloggers, today rolls out support for high definition video and adds a $35/yr premium membership option for power users. On the surface, Viddyou looks like many of the other video sites out there. But it has so far managed to foster a community that seeks refuge from the masses over at YouTube. Co-founder… Read More

  • Motionbox Raises $7M Series B Funding

    Video editing and sharing site Motionbox, which markets primarily to families, has announced the closing of a $7M round of Series B financing led by Constellation Ventures with participation by Canaan Partners and SAS Investors. Motionbox recently released a premium version of its service that allows you to upload files of any size and enjoy unlimited storage for $30 per year. Videos can also… Read More

  • Happy 1st Anniversary YouTube and Google; Now Move Over a Bit

    Time for another roundup, and this one coincides with a notable first-year anniversary: that of Google’s $1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube, confirmed on October 9th, 2006. Since then, the name “YouTube” has become virtually synonymous with “online video sharing”. According to Comscore, the website maintains a sizable lead over competitors with 205,593,000… Read More

  • Cuts Launches Amidst Online Video Editor War

    Ever since the social video market boomed through 2006, some video services have sought to differentiate themselves by adding online editors. Jumpcut and Motionbox launched their editors last April and Jumpcut was acquired by Yahoo! 5 months later. Eyespot launched its editor a month before Jumpcut, last March. Last December Gotuit launched their SceneMaker video mashup app. Photobucket… Read More

  • All The Cool Kids Are Deep Tagging

    The popularity of rich media publishing (such as podcasting and videocasting, the YouTube phenomenon, etc.) is a problem for search engines and people trying to use search engines to find this content. The problem is that the traditional ways search engines index and rank content don’t apply to rich media because, well, it’s not easily indexable. A few startups are focusing on… Read More

  • Motionbox – Best Online Video Sharing So Far

    There have been big changes in the online video space since I wrote a comparison post of the companies in the space (Flickrs of Video) last November. Some things haven’t changed: Flickr still hasn’t released a video product, and YouTube (TechCrunch posts here) is still the reigning champ of online video with just massive traffic growth and mindshare. But new tools are coming out… Read More