motion controls

  • Carmack Not Interested In Motion Controllers (For Now, At Least)

    All of us here are totally geeking out over every single word that comes out of John Carmack’s mouth at the keynote address at this year’s QuakeCon, but one of the more interesting things he said had to do with motion controls like the Kinect and PlayStation Move. In short, he has no interest in them right now. Oh snap. Read More

  • Sic semper tyrannis: motion control in video games

    Let the record show: I think motion controllers, like the Wii, Sony Move, or Microsoft’s Project Natal, are sorta dumb. They simply don’t seem to be precise enough for my tastes—I’m far too used to a mouse and keyboard to give that up for the “thrill” of flailing my arms in the arm like the robot from Lost In Space. But it wasn’t always like that. Read More