Motion control

Disney Research Creates A Robot That Can Fly Up Walls

Disney Research and the research group at ETH Zurich have created a car that can drive, fly, jump, and ride up walls. By using propellers and wheels, the robot can fly over obstacles and then smack ag

Duo Is A DIY 3D Motion Sensing Controller

The Duo is a 3D motion sensing controller, much like the Leap Motion Controller and the Kinect – but with a DIY twist. Whereas the Leap Motion Controller comes in a small and elegant package, th

The CamBoard Pico Wants To Take On Leap Motion, Offers Full Depth Gesture Control In A Smaller Package

Gesture control is heating up, with a host of new entries finally following Microsoft's example with the Kinect, including Leap Motion and MYO. A German company called pmdtechnologies has also been in

Leap Motion Controller Ships Pre-Orders May 13, Hits Best Buy Store Shelves May 19 For $79.99

Leap Motion today announced that its innovative motion controller for PCs will start shipping to pre-order buyers beginning May 13, and will launch in the U.S. at Best Buy locations on May 19. Full re

Philips uWand Motion Controller Makes Another CES Appearance, Plays Fruit Ninja [Video]

The Philips uWand is no stranger to CES. It's been at the show in the past, and as a prototype it has been around for even longer, but this time around it got an updated look and feel, along with refi

Kinetic Space Framework Allows PCs To Read Dance Moves, Sign Language

The Kinetic Space project uses almost any type of 3D spatial scanner - including the Xbox Kinect - to register and read gestures. How does it work? Well, first you register your body and then record

Sony confirms: PS3 motion control this Spring, and Resident Evil 5 will work with it

<img src="" />So yeah, the PS3 motion controller will be available this Springtime, and the first “big” games to make use of it will be

PlayStation Eye software will be able to detect gender of players

<img src="" />Sony held a bit of a rah-rah song-and-dance event in the UK yesterday that revealed a few more details about the company's m

In2Games reveals first image of motion controller for Xbox 360, PS3

Well, look at the beauty. Come 2009 PS3 and Xbox 360 owners will be flailing around the living room and knocking stuff over like those Wii owners. The explanation of how the controller from In2Games i

MTV: Wii-like controller coming to Xbox 360 for Xmas

SIXAXIS is cool, but the Wiimote is by far the most revolutionary video game controller of this current generation of consoles. The Xbox team knows this, and MTV has it on very good, solid word that M