• Absolutely bananas Asus Rampage III Extreme motherboard first offered by Origin

    This is the greatest motherboard that has ever lived. It’s the Asus Rampage III Extreme, and it’s designed for people who do insane things like run three video cards simultaneously alongside an Intel Extreme Edition processor. People need to run Metro 2033 (and, soon, Crysis 2) at 200 frames per second. Origin is the first enthusiast builder to offer the motherboard. Read More

  • Gigabyte: 1 million USB 3.0 motherboards served

    Gigabyte’s USB 3.0-capable motherboards have gone platinum, as they say in the record biz. Gigabyte announced that it has shipped 1 million USB 3.0 motherboards, giving them 1/3 of the overall USB 3.0 market share worldwide. This is a landmark number to be reached, and a signifier of Gigabyte’s rising stock with aficionados. Besides, who would be caught dead using USB 2.0? Read More

  • The motherboard as art: The Mona Lisa

    Well, I think we finally know what Asus does when they get a dead motherboard. They take it apart, and turn it into a picture! Behold the loveliness that is the Motherboard Mona Lisa, a model of PCI and AGP slot beauty and mystery. Read More

  • Abit leaving the mobo business; I mourn

    The motherboard humming away in my nice Tempest case right now is an Abit IP35 Pro, and unfortunately it will be the last Abit motherboard I ever bought. Because respected enthusiast hardware maker Abit is riding off into the sunset. Read More

  • New Intel processor does away with front side bus, adds third level of cache, brings back Hyperthreading

    The fine people over at APC Mag got their hands on Intel’s Core i7 Nehalem processor (codenamed Bloomfield) and have bestowed upon us the following information: Intel has moved the memory controller onto the chip itself, which has made the chip larger, which means we’ll be getting a new socket size (socket LGA1366). So you’ll need a new motherboard, basically. The front side… Read More

  • New VIA VB8001 ‘Nano’ processor and motherboard combo, plus more early info about holiday offerings

    You guys like computers, do ya? Me too. I spent a fair amount of time with the good people at VIA today and got some info about various upcoming products – some that have just been announced and some that haven’t yet. For starters, here’s the VIA VB8001 CPU and motherboard combo that was recently announced. It uses VIA’s new “64-bit, superscalar, 1.6GHz VIA… Read More

  • Dual-core Atom chip coming from Intel, new mobo too

    Intel’s got a dual-core Atom chip on the way, likely in September to dovetail with the release of a new motherboard that’s compatible with the CPU. The processor is called the 330 and, although the clock speed hasn’t yet been revealed, it does have a 533MHz frontside bus. The motherboard is called the D945GCLF2 and is a mini-ITX 945GC-based system with Intel’s… Read More

  • VIA quitting the third-party motherboard business

    Looks like the motherboard business has lost its luster for VIA. Custom PC is reporting that VIA "sees no future in making chipsets for third parties such as Intel and AMD." A VIA rep said that one of the main reasons the company moved into the processor business was because it saw the third-party chipset business becoming less important against providing a complete all-in-one platform. Read More

  • New Mini-ITX mobos from Intel hint at more tiny PCs

    Two new Mini-ITX motherboards from Intel have been recently spotted — the Eklo and the Fly Creek. The Mini-ITX segment has been long populated by Via and its C7 line of processors, which have catered to small form factor system builders, but Intel appears to be eyeing the low-cost, tiny desktop market as well. The Fly Creek motherboard can apparently support Intel’s GMA X3500… Read More

  • NVIDIA introduces new GPUs, motherboard as part of 'fastest GeForce platforms ever'

    If you’ve got $600 burning a hole in your pocket, maybe head on down to your nearby electronics superstore and throw down for the NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2. It’s got 256 processing cores on a single board and it’s “up to 60% faster than the closest competitor,” according to NVIDIA. It can be paired up with another 9800 GX2 in Quad SLI mode for Vista, just in… Read More

  • New Tiny Pico-ITX Form Factor Is (Almost) Here

    Get ready for a tiny, tiny motherboard. If you’re looking to build, say, a system that fits in a box of Pop Tarts, the Pico-ITX form factor is right up your alley. Although it was announced way back in 2004, it’s just now becoming available in small quantities and should be plentiful very soon. It’s 3.9-inches by 2.8-inches and contains an embedded VIA C7 processor running… Read More