A security researcher known for devising inventive ways to siphon data from computers that are disconnected from the internet has found a new exploit able to exfiltrate data to a…

An experimental new attack can steal data from air-gapped computers using a phone’s gyroscope

Mosquitos kill more people than any other creature in the world, and there’s no shortage of potential tech solutions. One such solution comes from Bzigo, which markets a device that…

This $199 laser pointer points out mosquitos without harming them

At its Ignite conference, Microsoft today announced that Premonition, a robotics and sensor platform for monitoring and sampling disease carriers like mosquitos and a cloud-based software stack for analyzing samples,…

Microsoft launches Premonition, its hardware and software platform for detecting biological threats

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What would it mean to eradicate the mosquito?

The business and social effects of change might be more commonly noticed, but today I want to talk about health effects, both positive and negative, that can come from a big and rapid change.

6:30 pm PDT • April 16, 2019
What would it mean to eradicate the mosquito?

Shooting down mosquitos with laser beams

5:40 pm PDT • March 17, 2009

Remember Reagan and his infamous Star Wars Defense Initiative? 25 years ago, scientists suggested that the U.S. build a network of laser equipped satellites to knock down Soviet missiles out…