• Piracy on Facebook is as Easy as Mosoto Remix

    Mosoto launched their peer-to-peer file swapping and chatting application using the Facebook API back in February. It was one of the best executed programs using the API when they launched. Now they’re back and integrated into the Facebook platform, making it easy to catch up with your friends on the newsfeed and snatch their music. Mosoto Remix adds a little widget on your profile… Read More

  • Mosoto: Share Files and Chat on Facebook

    Facebook released an API last year and new startup Mosoto is putting it to good use. Mosoto is a Flex 2.0 application that sits on top of your Facebook account via the API and allows you to share files, chat with friends, and discover new ones. The app has a desktop layout, where you control different mini applications for sharing files, chatting, discovering friends, and sharing music. The… Read More