morse code

  • Nerd Jokes: Someone spelled 'Pittsburgh' wrong in Morse Code, ROFL!

    The Grant Building in downtown Pittsburgh has been spelling out the city’s name in Morse Code via a flashing red light on the top of the structure since 1929. Except that a local grad student recently decoded the message to spell out “PITETSBKRRH” instead. Read More

  • Japanese watch lets you transmit messages in Morse code

    Osaka-based Eikowatch [JP] is selling a watch with a small built-in flashlight enabling users to transmit messages in Morse code. The “Sector Compass Torch” quartz watch is unfortunately Japan-only and has an MSRP of $620. The flashlight is attached to the lower right of the watch and can be activated at the push of a button. To make things sure, Eikowatch listed the entire… Read More

  • Steampunk Goes RSS

    Forget traditional newsreaders like NetNewsWire and FeedBurner. Real men go for the gusto when it comes to tech and this Steampunk-inspired RSS telegraph machine is no exception. This beautifully designed machine will actually click out your RSS feeds Samuel Morse style. That’s right, it’s not just for show and tell, this damn thing will actually grab your RSS feeds via a… Read More