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Moolah Media Launches Real-Time Bidding Platform For Mobile Ads, Says It’s Seeing $1M+ In Monthly Revenue

Performance-based mobile ad startup <a target="_blank" href="">Moolah Media</a> is announcing that it's taking its real-time bidding platform out of beta. It's also sharing i

Cost-Per-Action Mobile Ad Network Moolah Media Launches Ad Unit To Measure Actions Beyond The Click

<a href="">Moolah Media</a>, a recently launched mobile ad network that uses a cost-per-action and cost-per-lead model, is rolling out a new performance optimized ad units for

Moolah Media Launches Cost-Per-Action Mobile Advertising Network

<img src="" class="shot2">There's no shortage of mobile ad networks; and unsurprisingly there's been a lot of consolidation in the space marke