• Mobile portfolio app takes Moo beyond business cards

    Mobile portfolio app takes Moo beyond business cards

    As a creative, you’re most likely to get hired for a job off the back of your portfolio of past clients and work. Aimed squarely at this market, Moo — the company better known for their business cards — launched Monogram, a free app helping make portfolios more portable. Using the app, you can create a series of themed portfolios showing off what you do. Read More

  • Moo Adds Programmable NFC Chips To Their Business Cards

    Moo Adds Programmable NFC Chips To Their Business Cards

    As the proud owner of a set of tiny Moo business cards with a big sexy QR code on them, I’m impressed to see that Moo itself has done me one better. They’re now adding nearly invisible programmable NFC chips to their business cards, thereby allowing high-tech business folk to run around town tapping other peoples’ phones to pass contact information. One NFC card is going… Read More

  • Facebook Turns Your Timeline Into Moo Business Cards, First 200,000 Are Free

    Facebook Turns Your Timeline Into Moo Business Cards, First 200,000 Are Free

    In a move which is likely to catapult UK startup Moo onto a new international stage, the company has become the only one to deeply integrate its ‘social business cards’ with the Facebook platform today. Taking pictures from users’ Facebook Timeline information and photography, users will now be able to create 50 personalised business cards for £10/$15. But in a promotion… Read More

  • Courtesy Of Moo, AOL's Allows Users To Print Free Business Cards

    Personal profile startup, which was acquired by AOL last December, is adding a new feature today—the ability to print business cards for free from personal profiles on the platform. In case you aren’t familiar with, the site offers people free profile pages. On your dedicated profile pake, can include your name, bio and links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and… Read More

  • Normal-sized business cards at last from Moo

    Just as The Governator tries to pursue green policies, like keeping Tesla’s electric production car local, you’ll now also be able to hand out full-sized “green” business cards with Flickr images, courtesy of the same guys who brought us those cool little mini-cards, They are launching full-sized business cards with a new partner, LinkedIn, which makes sense in… Read More

  • Moo Card Carrying Cases

    Say that three times fast! If you use Flickr, you’re probably familiar with Moo and the cute little biz cards they print up with your photos. Problem is, these cards are differently shaped than the standard business card Joe Blow (or Matt) hands you. So if you rely solely on Moo cards (or don’t), why not get a proper carrying case? These beautiful cases are available from Splatgirl… Read More

  • Moo's Stickers Are Here – 100 Free Sets For Readers

    As promised, London-based Moo has released a new sticker product this morning. $10 plus shipping gets you 90 small but high quality vinyl stickers, and each can be a different image if you like. If you want to try this out, we have something cool for you. The first 100 people to place an order through the link below get a free order, with free shipping. After 100 orders, you have to pay the… Read More

  • Moo's Got Stickers

    UK-based Moo, a startup that prints “mini cards” from photos and other images that you upload directly or point them to via Flickr, Bebo, or their other partners, has been a real hit among the early adopter, silicon valley crowd. People hand them out like crazy, and they are great, if somewhat expensive, conversation starters. Next week the company will expand beyond cards and… Read More

  • Moo: Flickrize your business cards

    Moo is an online printing service that now lets you turn your Flickr photos into small business cards. After logging in to your Flickr account, there’s a nice drag, drop and crop interface. The end result are thick, glossy cards that are long and narrow and about half the size of regular cards. The company will send you 100 of them for $20 and Flickr Pro users get 10 extra cards… Read More