Facebook is the latest tech giant to hunt for AI talent in Canada

Facebook is turning its attention to Canada with a new AI research office in Montreal. Google and Microsoft already have outposts in the city and countless other tech companies, including Uber, have r

Microsoft to double its Montreal AI R&D office and invest $7M in academic research

Microsoft is following its acquisition of Montreal-based Maluuba with additional investment in the city that’s become quite the artificial intelligence hotbed. Microsoft announced in Davos on We

TC Makers: Kinova Robotics Gives The Disabled A Helping Hand

Montreal-based Kinova Robotics was founded in part because of one man – the founder’s uncle, Jaco, a disabled inventor who created a manipulator for his wheelchair out of a hot dog pincher

See You This Week In Montreal And Toronto

Here we go! TechCrunch is winging its way to Montreal and Toronto this week for some amazing meetups. We want to see you there so I hope you’ve purchased your ticket, eh. All the pitch-off compa

Join Us At The First Montreal TC Pitch-Off And Meetup

TechCrunch is headed to Montreal on April 1 and we want to see you there. We’re going to hold a whirlwind tour of our neighbors to the north, landing first in Montreal and then in Toronto the ne

Ooomf Raises $500K From Real Ventures, BDC And Others For Its New App Discovery Platform

It looks like Apple is planning to make some improvements to app discovery in iOS 6, but for the time being, app discovery remains broken on virtually every mobile platform available today. <a target=

Startup Accelerator FounderFuel Raises $6M, Puts Another $150K On The Table For Each Team

Last June, <a href="">FounderFuel</a> became the latest in a new crop of Canadian startup accelerators, joining <a href="">Year One Labs</a> and mo

Startup Canada: FounderFuel Launches Accelerator Program In Montreal

<img src="" />Today, another early-stage accelerator program hits Quebec's largest city, joining <a href=

Canada Sinks $5.5 Million Into River Turbine Technology

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" alt="" />Canada is testing the water for modular river turbines. The project, led by Renewable Energy

Montreal Getting WiMAX Network

Our neighbors to the north are starting on some projects similar to ongoing ones here in the US. Montreal will be the first city to get both a citywide WiFi and WiMAX network installed. The project, a