Collab Capital launches with a $50 million target and a mission to help Black entrepreneurs

The three founders of Collab Capital, the newly launched Atlanta-based fund with a $50 million target and a mission to help Black entrepreneurs, are intimately aware of the struggles that Black found

Monsieur, The Drink Robot, Raises $2 Million

A robotic bartender named Monsieur and his human partners have raised $2 million in seed investment from BIP Capital with Base Ventures, Paul Judge, TechSquare Labs, NFL star Derrick Morgan, and NBA s

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How Monsieur Shook Up Disrupt SF With Its Bartending Robot

And we're back with episode two of our Road To Disrupt video series, which shows the good, the bad, and the ugly moments startups go through when competing in the Disrupt Battlefield competition. A

Disrupt Alum Monsieur Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Its Robo-Bartender

If the prevailing wisdom of years past were any indication, we should have been up to our necks in sassy, autonomous robot servants a decade ago. While I wait for someone to develop a<a target="_blank

The Monsieur Drinks Automaton Roboticizes Bottle Service

Would you buy a robotic drink maker from these men? I sure would. These are the creators of <a target="_blank" href="">Monsieur</a>, a robotic bartender that will squirt out a great