Monkey Inferno

Blab shuts down, founders promise new app on the way

Livestreaming app Blab, which amassed 3.9 million users in just one year, shut down this weekend, its CEO Shaan Puri announced with a post on Medium late Friday. The app, which competed with Twitter&#

Checking Up On Monkey Inferno, The Tech Incubator Where Bebo Is Working On Its Rebirth

Everyone loves a “where are they now” story — whether it’s about teen idols or once-hot tech apps. Bebo, the social networking startup that famously sold to AOL for a staggerin

Bebo’s Founder Michael Birch Says He’s Bought Back The Social Network For $1M, Plans To ‘Reinvent’ It

Another turn in the twisted life of social network <a target="_blank" href="">Bebo</a>, which has unfortunately gone in the direction of a downward spiral for much of the last coupl

Exploring The “Labs” Trend in Consumer Startups

For those of us who studied (or suffered through) chemistry at some point in life, images from the chem lab inspire nostalgia (or dread). White lab coats. Protective goggles and gloves. Glass beakers