• LG unveils 10,000:1 monitor

    [photopress:LG_monitor_w606.jpg,full,pp_image] I’m not a big fan of watching movies on my computer regardless of the size of my monitor, which is 22-inches. But it seems that’s the direction things are moving in. More and more people are ditching their TVs for higher-res monitors to watch video content on the computer. LG has taken notice and announced a 10,000:1 contrast ratio… Read More

  • Samsung LCD with HDCP support

    Samsung continues to lead the charge as the leading LCD manufacturer with the addition of the 24-inch SyncMaster 245T. The widescreen monitor features PIP and PBP (picture by picture) as well as Motion Picture Acceleration for clear and sharp images during high-speed scenes. Max resolution is set for 1920×1200 with a brightness of 300cd.m2, a 1500:1 contrast ratio and 6ms response time. Read More

  • NEC Presents Tilting Widescreen LCD

    Not that this announcement from NEC should take anything away from the rumored Dell, but it’s a gorgeous looking monitor that’s 24-inches of widescreen, tilting madness. The LCD2470WVX joins the MultiSync 70 line and shuffles on up to a resolution of 1900×1200 with support for HD ratios via an HDCP-compatible DVI-D port. The display is rated at 400cd/m2 with a 1000:1… Read More